Friday, April 19, 2024

New Citicape House will annually capture eight tonnes of pollution

Sheppard Robson has unveiled the plans for their new Citicape House development – a mixed-use building in the City of London with the ‘largest living wall in Europe’ wrapped around its façade. This proposal seems to be exactly what the area needs to redefine the City as a world-class cultural destination while absorbing eight tonnes of pollution annually.

Citicape House, the 382-rooms five-star hotel, will be extended at approximately over 40,000 sq. feet in the area. It will feature a sky-bar on the tenth floor, meeting and events space, spa and ground-level restaurant, and co-working space.

The building with the ‘largest living wall in Europe’ wrapped around its façade
The building has the ‘largest living wall in Europe’ wrapped around its façade

The building is aimed to produce six tonnes of oxygen and capture over eight tonnes of carbon each year. It will also lower the local temperature by three to five degrees Celsius. New Citicape House will be located on a prominent site on Holborn Viaduct at the gateway of what will be the City’s “Cultural Mile.” It will demonstrate how the built environment can address issues such as climate change and air pollution.

Besides, the new public green space and a roof-top viewing gallery on the eleventh floor are open to the public and will offer unobstructed views of the city beyond. It fits right within the Corporation’s desire to increase the number of publicly accessible gardens and rooftops in the area. The greenery continues to wrap around the building, with spaces designed for threatened native wildflower species to flourish.

The publicly accessible rooftop terrace
The publicly accessible rooftop offers unobstructed views of the city beyond.

The largest living wall will also significantly contribute towards improving local air quality by trapping approximately 500kg of particulate matter per year. Overall, the new Citicape House sets the new standard for future developments in Greater London.