Tuesday, June 25, 2024

New auto repair kit in one single button

Changing the tire is a complex procedure which includes lifting the car, screwing the nuts, inflating the tires, etc procedures are involved. However, more annoying is the tools, since every procedure demands a different tool. Such as tire arm, breaker bar, pump, jack, etc.

There are several tools on the market to repair a car. But very few of them are actually efficient and effective. Therefore, a team of professional engineers came up with AutoAuto. You can do everything with this single tool.

This exceptional tool is devised by UFO, Un-Future-Object, aims to bring a better lifestyle with a futuristic mindset. They said, “We come up with a tool equipped with an electrical clutch system combining deceleration gearbox for maximizing the torque, to make changing tires easily.”

AutoAuto is a multifunctional yet simple, having a key to control every sequence of the tires changing process.

You just need to plug in the hexagon socket onto the lug nut, then press the “Loosen” key. Similarly, change the rotor by a hook, press “Jack Up” key. Later to screw the lug nuts back to the wheel, get the hexagon socket back to the rotor and press “Tighten” key. At last, apply the hook on the rotor again, press “Jack Down” key and lower the car in seconds. That is it!

You can use this tool in the dark also since it devised a dual lighting system which illuminates the tool even in dark.

One more function of AutoAuto is that you can top up with a pump and pressure gauge to inflate the tire and check the pressure. It can be done simply, by plugging the hose onto the valve, press “Inflation” key and wait until this tool triggers the indication of the right pressure.

AutoAuto Specification
AutoAuto Specification

Other available electrical tire changing tools are powered by rechargeable Lithium batteries, which may run out during the procedure. But, AutoAuto is powered by the cigarette lighter device on the car. It is easy and fast.