Friday, April 12, 2024

New BMW D-05T e-motorcycle concept brings the fun of riding

The future of transportation will be different from what we see today. The cities may flood with electric vehicles, which will be a part of the autonomous and shared transportation system.

Then what about the fun of riding a motorcycle, the freedom it offers, the places you can explore with a motorcycle, the emotional connection with the vehicle? The motorcycle trends show that adventure, touring, off-road motorcycles will be the ones who will survive as riding inside the cities will be no fun nor allowed.

Exploring roads outside the city limits has always been a problem for machines that draw their energy exclusively from batteries due to the limitation of autonomy since they require extra battery packs or quick service sites to charge or change them.

Neeraj Jawale, a design student from Pune, India, has created the BMW D-05T bike concept that brings the fun of riding and the deep-rooted emotional connection between man and the machine to the forefront. The machine would have the ability to make a detailed plan of the adventure trips based on the experience of explorers who have stepped on the terrain before.

New BMW D-05T e-motorcycle concept brings the fun of riding.
The electric motorcycle would come with swappable batteries and its own drone included. Credit: Neeraj Jawale

It includes interchangeable batteries. The service hubs located in remote locations provide the swappable batteries or other travel essentials so that rider has to carry less.

The design concept of the BMW D-05T electric motorcycle has detachable magnetic storage on the rear and magnetic holders in the front for hooking the add on’s. The wheels are divided into two parts, which could be a challenge for the tire manufacturer. At least the area in the middle, where the tires almost meet, would have to be exactly the same. That would be feasible.

The bike also includes a drone, which the driver carries in a matching backpack. The drone is intended to serve as a predictive “eye” for the bike, ‘scanning’ the surrounding environment and providing real-time navigation. You can also search for a storage cloud and regularly send photos and coordinates home in remote regions.

Most importantly, however, it maintains the character of BMW motorcycles in all respects and is trailor-made for adventurous riders.

It will be difficult to assess the feasibility and practical implementation of this project, but we confess that from a purely graphic point of view, it is attractive and convinces us of the imaginary BMW D-05T Concept. So, and if BMW had no plans for an electric adventure, here’s an interesting suggestion.