Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Nebra AnyBeam: Smallest pocket-size Laser Pico Projector

While there are a number of portable projectors coming into the market with their astonishing features, Nebra Ltd company have launched the world’s smallest pocket-sized projector called “Nebra AnyBeam”.

It can be a movie night every night! The Nebra AnyBeam is a low cost, high definition laser pico projector that can fit in your pocket.

It is the smallest pocket cinema projector – with the power to project a crystal clear picture on to any surface – anywhere, anytime. Powered by an ordinary power bank or from the USB port of a computer, you simply plug and play with your smartphone, laptop or tablet to watch your favorite content on the big screen.

MEMS Scanner:

The traditional projectors tend to be big, hot, noisy, use a lot of power, require focus adjustment, and aren’t very portable. These issues are solved by laser and high-speed two-dimensional scanning by adopting the MEMS scanner. The Nebra AnyBeam projects a high-resolution image of HD (720p at 60 Hz) by reflecting the three color laser by high-speed driving of the MEMS mirror and scanning the horizontal and vertical two-dimensional directions.

You can project onto curved or irregular surfaces with ease
You can project onto curved or irregular surfaces with ease

In addition, it is also possible to use a ceiling and other places where it is hard to install a normal display, or signage on a non-flat wall.

Unlike the conventional projectors where you need to adjust the focus manually, the Nebra AnyBeam does it automatically. It uses a laser that travels straight and hardly spreads. It’s always influenced by the distance, the unevenness of the projected surface, and the curved surface, so it is always in focus.

Thanks to the focus-free lasers, screen size is never an issue
Thanks to the focus-free lasers, screen size is never an issue

Moreover, as it utilizes a MEMS scanner, it requires no bulb. By adopting semiconductor lasers of three colors R, G, and B as light sources, the projector displays a wide color gamut and colorful images.

Compact and Lightweight:

Measuring just 19 by 60 by 103mm, the 140g projector actually fits in your pocket. It is the first of its kind and size to hit the commercial market. So you can take AnyBeam with you wherever you want!

AnyBeam uses lasers instead of traditional LED
AnyBeam uses lasers instead of traditional LED

And despite not being much bigger than a smartphone, this powerful device is fitted with a state-of-the-art laser module with the power to project screens up to 150 inches and beyond.

In addition, the laser MEMS technology at the heart of the Nebra AnyBeam projector range is incredibly light and compact.

What’s more?

Also, the power consumption of the Nebra AnyBeam is as low as 3.0 W meaning it can be used for a long time with power bank/battery.

Watch your favorite content on the big screen.
Watch your favorite content on the big screen.

Whether it’s watching a film al-fresco with friends, delivering a presentation on the fly or bringing your ideas to the big screen – AnyBeam is the perfect accessory for you.

Furthermore, for user’s convenience, it features a screw thread in the base for you to add a tripod.

AnyBeam projector range
AnyBeam projector range

There are four key products in the AnyBeam projector range – allowing you to use this revolutionary laser projector technology in a number of ways to suit your application.

Technical Specification:

Resolution 720P/60FPS
Contrast 80000:1
Brightness 30 ANSI lumens (equivalent to DLP 150 visual lumens)
operating temperature 5 ° C to 35 ° C
Audio Output 3.5mm audio jack
Screen Size 150″ (The projection distance is 3m depending on the environment)

With HDMI compatibility your Nebra AnyBeam projector is compatible with pretty much every streaming audio, video or gaming service under the sun! And with the Raspberry Pi versions, you can set up your own Kodi / OSMC home cinema set up in a matter of seconds – with a built-in projector!

Besides, this laser projector is fanless, noiseless and you will never need to replace the bulb.