Tuesday, February 27, 2024

NapUp FLY: Sleep on airplanes without snuggling others

Falling asleep on a flight is normal but your head lolled to one side and vying the stranger sitting beside could be the matter of embarrassment. New product launched on the market named NapUp FLY can help you stave off of this discomfort and provides ultimate sleep solution.

NapUp FLY attaches to ANY headrest and gently holds your head upright. With its non-restrictive, unique forehead strap design. It cradles your head when you are sleeping or merely resting.

The NapUp Fly+ is the next level of NapUp Fly. It is a combination between a private journey pillow, sleep masks, and a pair of headphones all rolled into one without that head loll. The perimeters of the extra superior Napup+ have a sound system in-built with a 0.35mm headphone jack, changing the noise of the airplane together with your music.

Take your NapUp FLY/FLY+ out of the special carrying case and wrap the straps around the headrest or around the seat. Connect the forehead strap and fit it to your head size using the Velcro.

As per your comfort, you can now use it as a comfy neck pillow, pull the forehead strap down so your head won’t flop when you start to snooze. Also, you can put the eye cover in place and for better in-flight experience with NapUp Fly+ plug in your phone or music device.

NapUp CEO and founder Ben Cohen-Gazit said, Napup Fly is a distinctive, ergonomic, supportive and steady sleep system that makes flights comfy and nice. Napup Fly is the primary product available in the market that mixes consolation with a steady but non-restraining resolution for napping on board.” 

“I’m joyful to introduce vacationers to the primary enhanced in-flight sleep resolution. Napup Fly is sort of a hug in your face.”

Each NapUp FLY comes with a quality carrying case, that is specially designed to make it your ultimate traveling companion. When not in use, the Napup Fly folds up for tucking in a carry-on.