NANO1: World’s smallest astronomy camera

NANO1 Astronomy Camera

Technology and photography enthusiasts together have designed and developed the world’s smallest astronomy camera. This is the same team who had successfully developed the TINY1 camera to empower everyone to capture astronomy. TINY1 was compact, smart and social.

From the same maker, TinyMOS, comes the world’s smallest camera, just got smaller, the NANO1.

Grey Tan, the Founder, said, “As a professional photographer, astronomy imaging should be straightforward, but it wasn’t. Astronomy imaging was difficult and complex, with technical concepts not common to “everyday” photography.”

“With the help from local astronomers, I learned how to capture and process images of the night skies, and with their help, I want to make a camera that simplifies astronomy imaging for you. We created the NANO1 astronomy camera to make astronomy imaging small, smart and social.”

This unique astronomy camera is lightweight, compact, simple to use, and smart. Simply, leave back those DSLR cameras or heavy tripods and hold this NANO1. It would be an exceptional choice for astronomy exploration and capture.

NANO1 utilizes an augmented reality star map to guide you across the constellations, astronomy exposure preset to simplify astronomy image settings. It also equipped a WiFi control and file transfer to explore your photography brilliancy to your friends and family through a smartphone.

You can do this simply by pairing your astronomy camera with Android or iOS, you can share images on social media. You do not need any additional accessory such as computers, card readers or adapters.

NANO1 Lenses
NANO1 Lenses

It comes with 2.8mm F2.8 Kit Lens which weighs less than 100g combined. NANO1 houses M12 lenses ranging from 15.4mm to 275mm equivalent focal length.

You can collect light at 25x intensity by using the NANO1 in prime focus. With this feature, it stands out the world’s smallest camera that gives blockage of the front aperture. Long exposures can be made in 1/25 the usual amount of time. One hour exposure reduced to less than 3 minutes.

It weighs mere 100g (3.5 oz) with the kit lens attached and 63.25 (2.49″) on its longest side. You can mount it with mini-tripod provided by the makers.

NANO1 Specifications
NANO1 Specifications

NANO1 devised a patented noise reduction algorithm. It only small in size, however, it gives you the best image quality and capture settings. It is machined from a solid block of aerospace grade Aluminum. To avoid glare and reflection it is black anodized and has internal ribs.

This world’s smallest astronomy camera gives all those exceptional features to simplify astronomy imaging. It is compact, lightweight and smart. NANO1 is the smallest among all the alternatives on the market. Let’s now capture the sky and beyond.