Sunday, May 26, 2024

MusicLens: first of its kind of smart glasses

As we all know sunglasses nowadays become a fashion trend. Mostly, the young generation is fond of wearing sunglasses on daily basis. These are not just a great fashion accessory but designed for the protection of our eyes from the UV rays coming from the Sun.

Have you ever imagined sunglasses having the features of a smartphone? I guess, no!! but if I tell you yes, it is possible via MusicLens. Then?

The MusicLens has designed and developed these innovative sunglasses that answer a call, listen to music, listen to FM radio. These are easy to carry and convenient to all the users that they can use them regularly.

The inventors found in a research that using a smartphone and headphones is troublesome, in many open-air activities like cycling, driving, having meetings, studying etc. Also, using headphones all the time results into permanent hearing loss. Besides, it can make a person do not want to talk to you or behave rudely.

Also, smartphones are inconvenient in public places. There are chances of losing it and answering calls is restrained mostly.

Using MusicLens can be the best choice to stay away from all these problems. Currently, these are the only sunglasses in the market that are highly affordable for everyone because of its many practical uses.

MusicLens is super-convenient, stylish, trendy and healthy hearing choice. It has its original high-quality embedded sound system. You do not need a headphone in your ears to hear the high-quality sound. No one can hear what you are listening.


Lets’ discuss its features.

A single touch button is provided for answering calls. if you don’t want to receive any call, don’t panic. To decline any call, you just need tap ones in the right frame. The same touch button is used to select any radio channel and to control the volume.

It Identifies your wearing status and automatically pauses music when you take it off. It has IP54 which provides protection from water and dust from all direction. Its battery lasts around 6 to 9 hours and gets fully charged in half to one hour.

For those who wear glasses daily, you can select the ‘Geek’ style for a more general look at work or daily life.

Most importantly, it is very handy and safe. It doesn’t matter whether you are driving, cycling or riding, you can stay safe and avoid accidents.

Music lenses feels light on your face and comfortable for extended period of time.