Friday, December 1, 2023

Mura: Portable massager for neck relief anywhere

In the world of hectic schedules, people do not get time to look after their pains, predominantly neck pain. For them in particular, Mura is the best solution to relieve the neck pain anywhere, anytime in just 15 minutes. Mura portable massager has six modes with respect to your needs.

Neck pain is main amongst the people of this modern digital age. Because of excessive phone usage, constant sitting for a long time that too with a bad posture, and bad sleep habits.

Here, Mura comes to your savior. This mobile smart massager is devised with TENS technology. It fetters pinched nerves by daily compressed spine merely in 15 minutes a day. The device produces small electrical pulses. These pulses stimulate particular nerve pathways to inhibit the message of pain to reach the brain from the source of the pain.

TENS technology utilized in MURA
TENS technology utilized in MURA

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS or TNS) is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. Generally, TENS is applied at high frequency (>50 Hz) with an intensity below motor contraction (sensory intensity) or low frequency (<10 Hz) with an intensity that produces motor contraction.

MURA massager relieves pains

Mura designed ergonomically to relieve your pain anywhere from home to office and anytime. Its extremely slim V-shape design is flexible to fit your neck and shoulder easily. And enables you to wear it under clothes with complete convenience and can activate anywhere, at home, during a work break or on-the-go.

Besides, its compact size makes it readily pliable anywhere with fewer efforts.

MURA massager app controlled
MURA massager app control

It is operated through a dedicated application controlled through Bluetooth. You can select modes, track your workout and follow individual massage plans with no efforts. Also, you can set an alarm for your massage schedules and get a reminder through an App. The Mura app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Six modes of massages

  • Acupuncture massage
  • Scraping Massage
  • Pinch Massage
  • Simple Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Elbow Pressure Massage

Mura neck massager is comfortable to use for everyone with its adjustable intensity levels from 1 to 99. But it is advised to start with using a low level (levels 0-1) to avoid discomfort and can gradually increase the intensity.

Mura neck massager fast charging cable keeps it charged for 30 days with just 10 hours of one full charge.