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Mu6: Noise cancelling headphones with magnetic charging

Mu6 headphones would be the best ever gift to audiophiles out there. It took two years of efforts to bring high-quality headphones with the best listening experience yet within your means. ‘Mu6 Headphones’ devised with an ergonomic design, premium bio-mimetic leather, high-density memory foam, 90-degree rotation design, and magnetic contact charger.

These headphones will change the way you listen to music. Its exceptional Mu6 Signature Sound will let you immerse in the music. It characterizes the best sound quality in three ways. First is the Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Technology diminishes background noise. Second is a powerful 40mm dynamic driver, the high-definition aptX LL codec, large but slim polymer diaphragm, and the best acoustic chip raises every variation of sound into apparent detail.

Well, about the third technology in Mu6 they say, “Our invented Hearing Optimization Technology which learns and re-tunes personal hearing helps you reach the full hearing potential.”

Besides these three technologies headphones is packed with other innovative technology such as Infrared proximity sensor.

We live in a crowded and noisy world where it is difficult to focus on the important things. Even you ponder to listen to your favorite music you woefully miss the nuance of music cause of the noise. But Mu6 will enable you to enjoy music by canceling the maximum noise around.

Ruibo, Founder of Mu6, said, “How does Mu6 Compete in ANC Technology? All headsets with active noise cancellation share a common problem: during the process of erasing background noise, they add their own unmistakable hiss, which comes from the self-noise or noise floor of the inner electronics.”

“We put much effort into minimizing this hiss to improve Mu6 ANC performance. With Mu6 ANC on, you won’t hear any background noise in a relatively quiet environment, even in the anechoic chamber.”

Mu6 Ergonomic Design
Mu6 Ergonomic Design

Mu6 crafted with a special high-density memory foam in the earcup padding for noise isolation. Its ergonomic design cuddle headphones up over your ears to cancel maximum noise and elevate your listening experience. Moreover, you can prefer a complete silence (not even music).

Mu6 Noise Cancellation
Mu6 Noise Cancellation

They explained about the ANC technology in Mu6, “We adopted a dual microphone system (feedback and feedforward mic) on each ear cup to continuously measure and pinpoint ambient noise signals and then produce an anti-noise signal that cancels out the incoming noise.”

The technology utilized in Mu6 is the enhanced system which will not merely reduce noise over a wider frequency range yet will rectify errors while being less sensitive to sound angle and user wear.

Mu6 ANC features
Mu6 ANC features

Noise around is completely in your hand to listen or block with ANC ON/OFF Modes and Transparency Mode. ANC ON Mode to reduce noise energy up to 96 percent. Likewise, ANC OFF Mode is to let you listen to certain noise and voices around. Mu6 will accomplish all your listening needs wandering in the noisy areas with two ANC levels (Quiet/Very Quiet).

Transparency Mode will enable you to hear all the sounds in your surroundings like you are not wearing headphones.

Regardless of the ergonomic design, how well it is engineered or how good your headphones are, your experience still rely on your own hearing capabilities and sensitivity. Therefore Mu6 researched the hearing condition of musicians and professional tuners.

They told about their research, “We teamed up with experts in audiology and neurology to perform extensive research on the hearing condition of musicians and professional tuners. Based on international equal-loudness contours standard by ISO and with the lab test results in our research, we defined the Mu6 Golden Curve representing the perfect human hearing condition.”

A team made a simple test on Mu6 App and mapped unique hearing sensitivity to different sounds of individuals. Their algorithms then adjust and re-tune the sounds by compensating hearing loss and filling in musical blind spots to match with Mu6 Golden Curve.

“The result is a tailored audio experience custom-fit for your ears only, which will be remembered by Mu6 after you first put them on. No matter what music apps or phones you use, Mu6 identifies you so any music you listen to will be optimized for a complete and rich auditory experience.”

Mu6 Dynamic Drivers
Mu6 Dynamic Drivers

Mu6 has been built a powerful 40mm dynamic driver and utilizes a cutting-edge polymer diaphragm, with the best acoustic chip for distortion-free bass and a balanced soundstage. These jointly enable you to listen to the truly authentic sound enhanced bass, fine detailed natural mids, and apparent upper register.

It featured an amazing touch and talk quality. You can simply switch to discussion with a person by covering the left ear-cup with your hand. It will reduce the sound of your music and naturally increases the volume of a person you are talking to.

Furthermore, Mu6 has a feature of Auto Pause and Play. With built-in infrared proximity sensor, audio will pause automatically when you take off headphones. Whereas you can resume the music when you put them back on.

You may have heard about the wireless charging technology but Mu6 features a unique Wireless Charging Stand adopts magnetic power contact technology. It is a stainless steel stand to hold you amazing Mu6 headphones and will charge them meanwhile.

With Mu6 you more to worry about your calls and music. It is simply hassled free. Powered by Qualcomm CSR Bluetooth® 5.0, it results in a ‘better-than-CD’ listening experience and clear calls.

Technical Specifications at a glance

Mu6 Technical Specifications
Mu6 Technical Specifications

To add more flare in your endless music experience Mu6 has its dedicated App. You can get tips, unlock product features and personalize your settings. Also, you can pick between Popular, Rock, Jazz, Hi-Fi, and create your own custom equalizer to suit a favorite genre.