Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Morgan presents new limited-edition 3 Wheeler P101 as a run-out model

The Morgan Motor Company is marking the end of production of one of its most well-loved models, the 3 Wheeler, with the announcement of the P101 edition. From 2021, Morgan will cease production of the 3 Wheeler once type approval on its S&S V-twin engine finishes.

The P101, which stands for Project 101, will be produced in limited edition with many handmade components, as per tradition. Only 33 units will be delivered starting next year to the buyers who have shelled out over £45,000 (around $60,000) in order to have a piece of history in their respective garages.

The current 3 Wheeler has been one of the company’s best-known models, with more than 2,500 units made since its return to the market in 2011.

The new 3 Wheeler P101 is characterized by a purposeful and utilitarian aesthetic and features a range of unique components and bespoke detailing. Among the substantial changes, there is a new aerodynamic tonneau bodywork inspired by the 2016 Morgan EV3 concept car (that was electric, however), which leaves room for only one occupant, like a single-seater. The large closed aerodynamic rims, painted in the same color as the bodywork, and the classic 9-inch round “Hella” spotlights do not go unnoticed.

The tricycle accelerates from 0 to 100 in just 6 seconds flat.
The tricycle accelerates from 0 to 100 in just 6 seconds flat.

There are two shades in which this 3 Wheeler P101 edition can be selected: Deep Black or Satin White Silver. Further to this, four P101 art packs will be available for customers to choose from, each with their own unique identifiers and vivid graphics: The Belly Tank, The Dazzleship, The Aviator, and The Race Car.

Beautiful on the outside, powerful on the inside. The new version of the car comes with the 2011 engine when Morgan brought the historic model back to life. It is a 2-liter S&S V-Twin (two cylinders arranged in a V) capable of generating 83 horsepower and accelerating from 0 to 100 in 6 seconds flat. The five-speed manual transmission derived from Mazda MX-5 completes the sports suspension.

The 33 units planned for this special 3 Wheeler P101 variant have already been assigned to Morgan dealers. Although this is the last of the current generation, they promise that a new one will come, but when is unclear at the moment.