Tuesday, February 20, 2024

MOGORIGAMI: Optical origami for fun and education

Israel based Cinema2Go LTD (C2G), a high-tech company intended to improve the quality of life of low-vision people has designed and developed MOGORIGAMI. It is an educational kit demonstrates novelty of MOGO-OCULARS.

The main component of this kit is a MOGO-OCULARS which was invented in Israel.

The MOGO-Oculars are prismatic aspherical lenses providing strong magnification while keeping in focus all points of the near and wide objects and directing eye convergence to a comfort zone.

Simply, to get a bigger magnification, the object should be closer to the magnifying lens. Whereas, to watch an object from 3″ distance the lenses should be +12Diopters. Which is not perceivable with both eyes on very close objects, since we cannot converge the eyes and see double.

This is where MOGO-OCULARs works the best. They have a very strong prismatic element (19 Base-In Prismatic Diopters) virtually shifting the center of the object to each eye correspondingly. So the eyes convergence is relaxed to our comfort zone.

MOGO-OCULARs Description
MOGO-OCULARs Description

A team said, “The prismatic element makes the lens very thick and this was another challenge to manufacture thick optics in a cost-effective way. We spent 1 year in the R&D of thick lenses manufacturing and 1 year in the optimization of the manufacturing process and today have full control of this exotic technology.”

Smartphone Screen Enlarger
Smartphone Screen Enlarger

“When used as a smartphone screen enlarger expect to get a perception of 18″ display from 10″ distance. In the Field of View measures, it is ~ 90deg (horizontal) x 45deg (vertical).”

MOGORIGAMI Assembly kit
MOGORIGAMI Assembly kit

MOGORIGAMI is a 2-in-1 kit. Above is the complete kit including all the components required for this DIY assembly. Where;

  1. Five cardboard parts in which 2 are for the binocular magnifier, 3 are for smartphone screen enlarger
  2. Dual side adhesive stickers to create 3D shapes
  3. LED light for binocular magnifier configuration
  4. Two MOGO-Oculars
  5. Rigid frame for smartphone mounting
  6. Smartphone fixating flex band
  7. Flex head-band

The binocular magnifying glasses which used for precision works, household or travel first aid such as to detect and remove the tiniest foreign bodies.

Use of Binocular Magnifying Glass
Use of Binocular Magnifying Glass

Similarly, the second smartphone screen enlarger is excellent viewfinder, stabilizer and shader to shoot videos, four times sharper than VR headsets and works as a portable cinema-theater.

It looks simple and actually is easy to assemble. The assembly itself is an educational process. You will get a step-by-step video tutorial for the assembly and an individual of any age from 8 years old kid can assemble.

This assembly process also provides valuable features. Smartphone screen enlarger amazingly increases user experience to watch movies and 360-degrees videos. Though it is very close to eyes screen, the optics make eyes perceive the distant, cinematic screen and eyes are relaxed. Expect to perceive 18″ display form 10″ distance.

It is not 3D VR but 2D full-screen magnifier resulting in four times better quality.

“The people having eyes-retina disorders, such as Age Macular Degeneration (AMD) or Diabetic Retinopathy, definitely get benefited if are willing to read regular size text. +12Diopters reading glasses with the addition of 19 Prismatic Diopters Base In to release eyes convergence to the very close object.”

Kids can use MOGORIGAMI to remove the tiniest splinter from finger or adults can use it to thread the wire through the needle.