Sunday, March 3, 2024

Compact teardrop e-bike camper for off-road adventures

During the pandemic, the demand for “outdoor” adventures increased. Also, the e-bikes and bicycles have become incredibly powerful and their sales reach record levels. Many cannot go above 25km/h (15.5 mph) due to legal limits, but their powerful engines give them more torque than they need. Thanks to this torque, accessories prepared for electric bicycles are also growing.

Germany-based ModyPlast, who have their expertise in making composite race car components, has developed the Mody bicycle caravan that can be hauled behind a bicycle. The company prepares three models in this regard.

As the bicycle caravan is going to be towed with the pedal-powered effort of the rider, the makers have kept the teardrop camper’s weight to the minimum. The mini caravan’s body is crafted out of vacuum-sealed foam-core carbon fiber or fiberglass and shaped into a teardrop-style form with a sharp-dropping roofline. It utilizes the structurally strong composite design to eliminate the need for a metal chassis or internal frame. This means the two bar and axle are bolted directly to the aluminum inserts in the floor, which is made from load-supporting composite foam construction.

Compact teardrop e-bike camper for off-road adventures.
The compact caravan can be hauled behind a bicycle. Credit: ModyPlast

ModyPlast includes a roof vent, door ventilation, wall paneling for the interiors, lower corner leg supports, and a small window on the sides, and a bigger one on the front. As an option, the user can also opt for another window, a roof-mounted solar panel plus a power station, and an outdoor awning. The company is also working on additional options such as underbody skid protection and aluminum roof rails.

Mody bicycle caravan is available in three variants: Tourer (48 kg), Trekking (48 kg), and Outdoor (50 kg). They differ essentially in terms of ground clearance and tires. The Tourer model is fitted with 26-inch street wheels, the hybrid Trekking variant has off-road and city commute capability, and the third one being the pure Outdoor model that comes with higher ground clearance.

Compact teardrop e-bike camper for off-road adventures.
Mody bicycle caravan is available in three variants: Tourer, Trekking, and Outdoor. Credit: ModyPlast

Inside, there is enough space for the rider to take a rest break or maybe even sleep overnight. The interior includes tie-down eyelets for a collapsible kitchen, outdoor table, chairs, and a choice of coolers that can be strapped along with the eyelets. When you reach your destination, the trailer stands firmly on the support legs that can be deployed for night camping adventures. The trailers are able to carry 50 kg (110 lb) when moving and support up to 190 kg (419 lb) at camp.

They are designed to be easy to repair so that with a little manual skill, you can replace all parts or repair them yourself. All of them can move forward at a speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h), which is the European Union’s speed limit for pedelec bicycles.

Touring and Trekking models made of fiberglass price at €4,999 ($6,025), while the carbon construction makes the trailer about 5 kg lighter that cost at €6,999 ($8,450). The Outdoors models charge €500 ($600) higher.