Modmo Saigon, a modern electric bike with full 200 km range

Along with the development of technology, manufacturers of electric bicycles are experimenting with their models in order to meet the growing expectations of customers. An example of this is the Saigon e-bike from Modmo, the Irish-founded company that aims to build a modular electric bike that could convert drivers to cyclists.

The bike, which has a modern and plain appearance, draws attention to technical details rather than aesthetics. On a single charge, you can drive up to 200 km (124 miles), if you do not climb the mountain and taking into account speed limits, with a battery capacity of 18.5 Ah/666 Wh. This really looks incredible for a bike with such a slim body.

The electric bike can travel 200 km (124 miles) on a single charge.
The electric bike can travel 200 km (124 miles) on a single charge.

Based on a 6061 aluminum alloy frame that masks its electric character, the Modmo Saigon is suitable for urban use. With a 36-volt 250 watt motor discreetly integrated into the front hub, the bike can reach the speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). The mass of the bike, together with the battery and the front engine is only 13.9 kg, that is, less than most models.

The electric bike also carries its own 4G connection infrastructure with GPS, lighting systems, 3-inch screen on the handlebar. The electric bike can communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth. Powered by an Android operating system created to enhance your riding experience, Saigon also carries a motion sensor that operates like a power switch. If desired, on the frame, you can hang the trunk, basket, child seat, bags, and other accessories.

Dual charging options are available to charge the e-bike anywhere. Easily remove the battery for charging indoors or, plug directly into Saigon’s front modular mount. Either way, you’ll be fully charged and ready to go in just 3 hours.

If you are interested, Modmo Saigon is already available for pre-order for €1,999 ($2,238), but its reservation will require you to pay refundable €99 ($109) deposit. Deliveries are scheduled for September.


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