Friday, April 12, 2024

A fully modified BMW R1100S motorcycle with metal parts

The Verona Motor Bike Expo in Italy has become a classic meeting point for ubiquitous custom motorcycle manufacturers, and this year’s exhibition has not strayed from that purpose. At the end of the event, the show crowned the winner of the “Best in show” prize: the BMW R1100S motorcycle.

The motorcycle has been customized by two Italian companies: Radikal Chopper and Officine Mermaid. Specializing in the modification of two-wheelers, the two companies have changed a BMW R1100S to such an extent that only the 1085 cc boxer engine delivers something of its origin.

The motorcycle frame has been completely disassembled and replaced by a custom-made polished aluminum skeleton. The new frame consists of a sculptured spaceship at the front and a vertical section at the back that ties the entire construction to the engine as an active part of it in the center.

No original parts have been left, even the clutch and brake levers have been revisited. The front fender and headlight cluster are one-offs too, and the build also features clip-on, upgraded levers, a ‘clean’ top yoke, and Discacciati brakes as well as handmade evaporation that results in fine-grained tubes in the minimalist tail. Brass parts pleasantly complement the multitude of brushed aluminum elements to give a two-tone effect in certain places.

The motorcycle looks just like a custom, non-drive showcase. The rigid front, in combination with this driving position, creates a spectacular sight.