Model X: Enjoy incredible Hi-Fi audio in wireless earbuds

We always expect good sound quality and long battery life in our wireless earbuds. Whereas, most earbuds provide amazing audio, but unable to provide the long battery.

The ADVANCED SOUND GROUP which designs, develops and produces ground-breaking audio products, has brought a new revolutionary Earbuds called- Model-X. These are the true wireless earbuds that can provide an incredible Hi-Fi Audio.

Considering all the requirements of the users, from intuitive touch-control, sweat proofing, all-day battery life to smart compatibility, the team has created these earbuds. They put all the amazing features together in this product.

The team has used 10mm Custom-tuned Graphene Driver for High-fidelity in the Model X. This driver is more efficient especially to work with Model X’s true wireless Bluetooth module at its maximum capability.

Its automatic operating feature makes it effortless to use. It automatically turns on when it is out of the case, instantly pair with your smartphones. And when you are done, putting the earbuds back in the case turns it off.

You can control and monitor Model X accordingly, in a single touch. Its intuitive touch gesture control enables you to operate it seamlessly and provide the fluent and clear user experience.

Model X: Touch Gesture Control
Model X: Touch Gesture Control

  • Tap Once: Play/pause music, answer/end phone calls
  • Tap Twice: Previous / skip a music track
  • Tap and Hold: Volume control
  • Tap Three times: Activate voice control (Siri / Google Assistant)

As far as its battery life concern, in a single charge, you will be able to use Model X up to 5 hours. Plus, the charging case gives extra 20 hours of charging. So, overall you will get 25 hours of all-day listening time.

The earbuds get fully charged in just 15 minutes and gives 85 minutes of listening time.

Model X is a completely wireless device. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility so that you can get the strongest, and seamless connectivity between your devices. Strong connection and speed allow more detailed and robust audio fidelity transmission and zero audio-video lag.

Moreover, it provides high security. As compared to the previous versions, Bluetooth 5.0 provides more security to keep your personal information secure.

Model X: Ergonomic Fit
Model X: Ergonomic Fit

With the universal and ergonomic design, Model X can fit in various ear shapes and sizes. You do not need to add any external hook or guide. In addition, the elongated nozzle inserts deep inside and allows maximum noise isolation up to 20dB.

Along with the secure-fit design, it is IPX-5 sweatproof. So, it can be ideal for most sports applications and your perfect workout companion.

These earbuds come with a custom-made antenna which increases bandwidth and signal receptions. The antenna also reduces interference and unwanted noise. With built-in, low-noise, high sensitivity microphone, you can enjoy clear phone calls on-the-go.

Model X: Stereo calls
Model X: Stereo calls

As model X has strong and secure connectivity to your device, it provides a working distance of about 35 feet. That simply means you will never drop a call, lose connection, or miss a moment.

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