Sunday, May 26, 2024

Mint Air Purifier: Advanced Hybrid Air Purification

Every now and then we try to keep our vicinity clean and bacteria free. However, it requires much effort and still not acquire the desired result.

Contemplating this necessity and our impotence to meet 100 percent cleanliness, a team of engineers and designers with extensive experience in the purification industry created a top-notch product with great quality. They named their product ‘Mint’.

It is a hybrid purifier that can eliminate 99.9 percent of harmful germs and keep your family healthy.

A team explained, “With our own hybrid technology combining Active Oxygen and Negative Ion, Mint can effectively remove 99% of harmful bacteria and fungi.”

You mostly find it difficult to kill bacteria and remove odor when we are outdoor. You may carry personal hygiene products like hand sanitizer, air purifiers, air sprays and many more to maintain hygiene.

But you may miss out several places where this product won’t work. For instance, shoes, backpack, handbags, the drawer where you store your clothes, etc. Here for your rescue, Mint is designed to be extra compact so it can easily be used on the go.

In addition, it can remove the foul smell of sweat. Though sweat is naturally odorless, the stench is actually caused by bacteria metabolizing the sweats. Washing certainly not the way to get rid off this smell. So, the Mint will help you out.

This handy little device uses the Hybrid Purifier to cleanse the air and helps you feel refreshed. Unlike other similar products on the market, Mint uses a hybrid purification system that combines Negative Ion with Active Oxygen.

They said, “We also ran some lab tests to see how well is Mint performing. Mint was able to suppress 99.99% of fungus and mold spores, 99.5% of viruses and bacteria.”

A team explained working, “Mint’s hybrid purifier remove these harmful substances by creating tiny holes on the cell wall of the organic substances. The process is known as oxidative burst and it will result in the collapse of the cell wall. Without a cell wall to maintain its shape, the cells will die and disintegrate.”

Mint Specifications
Mint Specifications

To monitor Mint’s working when placed inside the drawer or in the zipped up bag is designed with a dedicated mobile application. It is compatible with both iOS and Android OS. Mint app is designed with algorithms to maximize the efficiency for the device to operate in different modes when used for different purposes.

Mint is designed to carry out multiple functions. It will be used to cleanse the air of spaces which includes shoes, drawers spaces, bags, and even your luggage. This is due to its compact size, which makes it as big as an iPhone Xs.

“On a cautionary note, Mint isn’t meant to replace the average air purifiers that are manufactured with the aim to purify an entire room. It is purposely designed for small and closed spaces so that while operation, the user will be nowhere near it and hence remain unexposed to the particles released by Mint.”