A Minimal Pen that can last you a lifetime

A minimal pen between human hands.

Pen, writing instrument, is an integral part of many individual’s every daylife. Though mobile phones have impacted its presence. But there are people who still are looking for an extremely durable but sleek and minimal pen.

Considering this necessity and design vogue Andrew Sanderson has developed pen which perfectly combines durability and design. This pen is highly engineered on the inside, yet sleek and minimal on the outside. This an American-made retractable pen designed to last a lifetime.

The custom mechanism uses a 1 mm steel ball bearing and a track. The track is cut into the outer surface of an aluminum bronze cylinder that is in turn connected to the knock (the piece you push to retract the pen). As the knock is pushed in and out the ball moves around the track until it becomes locked in one of two positions: in or out.

The advantage of this type of mechanism is that it can be assembled inside the pen instead of at the end of the barrel.  Which keeps it completely hidden and allowing the pen’s outer surface to remain seamless and continuous. It also allows to keep the outer diameter of the pen to a comfortable 9.5mm.

The result is a smooth, durable and invisible mechanism.

It contains different parts of minimal pen.

With this type of mechanism, the pen does need to be held close to vertical when clicking it. This takes a little getting used to, but it’s well worth the advantages of durability, sleekness and overall diameter.

Creator has custom engineered this mechanism utilizing the same durable material as aircraft bearings. Which allows it to provide a smooth click for ages. He has utilized his experience in aircraft engineering to apply the same high standards to design this pen.

High-quality metals are used in this pen. These metals are generally found in high-end watches only. The pens are machined down from one solid piece of metal making them incredibly durable. Instead of rolling, stamping or pressing.

Pen with powder-coated removable clip

Creator of this pen has used the same approach utilized to design and manufacture a luxury watch. So certainly this pen is considered a classic.

Andrew Sanderson, a creator of this pen, said, “I’ve designed this pen to last you a lifetime, but I know things can still happen. So I back it up with a very simple policy: if you ever have an issue, send your pen back and I will fix it or make you a new one.”

“Buy Once’ Philosophy:
It works on the principle of buy once and uses for longer. It will help to reduce plastic, also will make your lifestyle smooth. No more need to get a bunch of plastic pens.

That means not only using the highest quality raw materials but also designing products that are void of any design features that may go out of fashion or could appear antiquated down the road.

Creator says, “I design products that are compatible with earlier components, making it possible to order replacement parts so that as things change, the products you own adapt.”

Few Specifications:

  • Length: 140 mm
  • Diameter: 9.5 mm
  • Weights
    Titanium: 28g (.99 oz)
    Stainless Steel: 44g (1.6 oz)
    Copper: 48g (1.7 oz)
    Bronze: 48g (1.7 oz)

Why these materials only?

Titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter, all while being unaffected by metal fatigue and cracking. It is used for parts that spend thousands of reliable hours in the air inside jet engines. It has great corrosion resistance.

Four colors and material of pen, Titanium, copper, stainless steel and bronze

Stainless steel’s excellent resistance to corrosion and staining and low maintenance. The pen will keep its clean sleek look even in the harshest environments. It heavy enough to feel the heft of quality. It will not dull or patina over time.

Copper on its own can be soft and dent easily, so by adding tellurium we make it stronger and easier to a machine. It also offers natural antimicrobial properties for those worried about germy hands. Copper will patina over time.

Bronze has been used for centuries to make ship fittings and seafaring equipment and more recently found its place firmly in the high-end diving watch industry.

It has a vintage-like matte patina, which differs from pen to pen depending on the owner’s environment and lifestyle, making each pen beautiful in its own right. Its most outstanding property is its ability to resist corrosion even in seawater.

Bronze weighs about 10% more than stainless steel. It reacts with oxygen, which results in its distinctive patina. This is the only bronze C52100 pen out there: a bronze typically reserved for high-end watches.

Highly skilled American machinists that have been making airplane parts for generations are manufacturing this pen.