MiniFalcon, a high-performance e-scooter that fits inside a backpack

Folding e-scooters are nothing new, but you always need to carry them in your hands between rides. Also in many cities, it is not safe to park bikes and cycles on the street, even if you secured them with locks. So, packing your bike and carrying them with you wherever you go is an easy solution.

That’s where the MiniFalcon Electric scooter comes. It fills that gap by being the e-scooter that is fast, powerful, and most importantly – compact enough to fit in a backpack.

The first full-size high-performance electric scooter that folds up into a 23 inch long package.
The first full-size high-performance electric scooter that folds up into a 23-inch long package.

MiniFalcon is the first packable high-performance electric scooter that folds up into a 23-inch long package and fits in a backpack, thanks to the telescopic steering pole, collapsible handles, folding rear wheel assembly and a relatively small deck.

When folded, this packable electric scooter dimensions shape up as 23.6 in (60 cm) high, 13.4 in (34 cm) long and 5.9 in (15 cm) wide. On the other hand, when unfolded and ready to ride, the scooter extends to 45.6 in (115.5 cm) high, handlebar width is 17.3 in (44 cm) and wheel to wheel measures 24.4 in (62 cm).

This e-scooter when folded can easily fits in a backpack.
This e-scooter when folded can easily fit in a backpack.

In either (folded or unfolded) conditions, the scooter weighs at 17.85 lb (8 kg). It is manufactured with aerospace-grade anodized aluminum which ensures a sturdy yet lightweight structure. The lighter weight lets it quickly accelerate and quickly stop in a notice, while the material strength lets MiniFalcon hold up to 220 lbs with zero deformity. The e-scooter can travel both in plains and hills with equal ease.

Small body, full of technology.
Small body, full of technology.

The e-scooter comes equipped with the 5.2 Ah Li-ion batteries that are good for 9 miles (15 km) per 2-hour fast charge. Additionally, the MiniFalcon features a Kinetic Energy Recovery System which recharges your battery on downhills and while you break, keeping you on the road longer.

MiniFalcon boasts puncture-proof polyurethane tires, and its 250 W rear-wheel motor has a top speed of 15.53 mph (25 km/h). Furthermore, it comes with three-speed gears that allow riders to select a high-torque, low-speed gear for 15° hill climbing through to a high-speed gear for zipping through town.

MiniFalcon utilizes both an electric brake AND a manual brake
MiniFalcon utilizes both an electric brake AND a manual brake

An ABS anti-locking system prevents your wheels from locking up and allows you to maintain steering control even if you suddenly slam on your brakes. Riders can also look forward to a smoother ride thanks to shock absorbers front and rear. Along with all these features, a digital handlebar display is there on the handlebar that keeps the user informed of key system info.

The MiniFalcon has recently completed its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and the shipping is estimated to start in November. Visit the company website for more information.


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