Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mini Batt Vac: The rechargeable battery operated suction cup

Suction cups to hold your cell phone or GPS to the windshield is most demanded accessory. However, sometimes these suction cups end up fall off due to their loose hold. But this newly designed ‘Mini Batt Vac’ which is built tough enough for the everyday consumer and enormous industrial use. It is more than merely a suction cup due to its portable rechargeable battery operated mounting system.

A team of Mini Batt Vac explained about its easy working, “Our Mini Batt Vac works by turning the power button to the on position and with a little pressure applied to the Batt Vac will then initiate the custom designed computer board that will send power to our
specially designed vacuum pump to start applying a vacuum to the suction cup until its
predetermined vacuum pressure is achieved.”

“Then the Batt Vac goes into standby mode again and will continually monitor the vacuum pressure silently in the background until the suction cup starts to lose any vacuum pressure. Later the microcomputer will tell the pump to start back up for a millisecond just to achieve its proper vacuum pressure again.”

To make this better understand to naive, just turn Mini Batt Vac on, give it a little pressure to what you want to hold and it will do the rest.

It utilized to hold cell phones, GPS, Bird feeders, cup holders, cameras, GoPro and GoPro equipment, security cameras of all types, etc.

Universal base mount and triple threaded plate
Universal base mount and triple threaded plate

Other than these everyday objects you can nest 3 Mini Batt Vac’s together with their optional mounting attachments to hold heavy tools. It houses a triple threaded plate, universal base mount, and ready to hold triple loads.

Mini Batt Vac design
Mini Batt Vac design

It houses a nonpower microcontroller, universal objects handlers with great vaccum suction, accurate vaccum sensor with auto adjustment of negative pressure, smart RGB LED for status indications and integrated micro USB charger. Also, the most essential integrated battery with long life operating.

This tool can be utilized as IP camera mount, BMX helmet mount and PDR tools. Mini BATTVAC with claw is specially used for professional PDR.