Friday, March 31, 2023

MIND KIT: An all-in-one robotic development kit

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The Vincross company has made MIND KIT- a robotic kit for makers, developers, robotics enthusiasts, and a new student who has a dream to start robotics development.

There is no limit for your imaginations and creativity. The kit will empower you to make your own robot with its all the amazing modules and unlimited possibilities. MIND KIT can be the fastest, easiest way to get started with robotics.

The kit has all the robot accessories that you will need while developing a robot. The team has also provided a software system and a community forum with tutorials that will help you step-by-step in building a robot.

MIND KIT helps you explore your robotics creativity in a fun way. For example, it would be fun to create a robot that would sit on your kitchen table and respond to voice controls for things like ‘Pass the salt and pepper’!

Make a Robot for helping in Kitchen
Make a Robot for helping in Kitchen

What will you get in the kit?

It comes with a robotics-optimized operating system- MIND OS. This software system is based on Linux kernel and built entirely for coding and programming robot. In short, with MIND OS, It will all become simple to create any complex robotic applications and remote IoT applications.

In addition, the kit is integrated with OpenCV, ROS and other AI libraries, which enables a developer to build seamlessly AI and robotic applications. It also provides IDE-Integrated Development Environment and SDK-Software Development Kit, so that you can only concentrate on what you want to build.

Easy to Plug-and-play Module
Easy to Plug-and-play Module

MIND KIT Modules:

It comes with the three hardware core modules. The first one is a cerebrum, a central processing unit that enables complex AI computation including computer vision AI and simultaneous location and mapping.

The cerebrum uses ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 1.2GHz for strong computing power and 2GB DDR3 RAM. Also, it includes comprehensive interfaces and ports like 54 programmable pins and USB-C accessories.

The second one is a servo controller that can supply power and send signals to up to 20 servo motors simultaneously.

And then thirdly, it includes a battery optimized unit-The high capacity Lithium-ion battery with a high discharge current of 40A max. It allows you to run both servo motors and AI algorithms.


MIND KIT: Technical Specifications
MIND KIT: Technical Specifications

Along with all these important core modules, the team has developed some other plug and play add-on bases and modules for you to build a robot effortlessly. These are as follows:

  • LiDAR: for mapping and navigating
  • Mic Array: for building AI and voice applications
  • Light and Distance measure sensors
  • Rover Base and Soccer Base: for stacking modules on it
  • Tank Base: for stacking extra modules onto it.

All the modules easily click together with the closing of the robot ‘arms’. In addition, MIND KIT ports are also added to the different modules for user comfort.

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