Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mike Tyson wants to 3D print cannabis beverages

Many businesses and individuals increasingly imagine alternatives to food products. More importantly, these food alternatives require the use of 3D printing. But when it comes to food, it’s easy to imagine a process of 3D printing something that will eventually become solid. But the 3D printing of a drink? This is something we just learned from the former professional boxer, Mike Tyson.

According to the latest information, The Ranch Companies, founded by Mike Tyson, has obtained a global license for the 3D printing of edible cannabis products. Yes, you read right, 3D print!

But how can you print a beverage? This is where Tyson’s new business partner, Smart Cups, a US startup responsible for creating the world’s first printed beverage, comes into play. More than two years ago, this tech company and beverage maker launched its line of 3D printed energy drinks in capsule form.

Having the ability to produce lines of ingestible cannabis products that will have accurate and consistent doses of cannabis is incredibly important to us,” Tyson said in an interview with Forbes.

The company’s secret weapon is a micro-encapsulation printing technology that is used to infuse its plant-based products into the substrate, which is then inserted into a bioplastic cup. “In this specific application, we use water-soluble cannabinoids and are able to precisely print them on virtually any surface,” explained Chris Kanik, founder and CEO of Smart Cups. “The printed actives and flavors are released when they come in contact with a liquid (i.e., water, soda, or saliva).


Despite the fascinating process of Smart Cups technology, Tyson’s company also keeps in mind that the product has to be healthy. This is because cannabis products are so strong that the wrong dosage can quickly become inappropriate for the human body. And the advantage of using Smart Cups technologies is the ability to precisely control dosages.

Taking the example of a generic drug, Kanik explains, “At the moment, the industry is lacking consistency. When an individual consumes 100mg of aspirin, no matter where they are in the world, they are confident that they are consuming the right dose of aspirin. Smart Cups Technology can provide that same consumer confidence.

It uses eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable plant-based cups for the reduced carbon footprint. Until now, the startup has focused on the development of low-fat, caffeine-enriched protein powders. But now, with The Ranch Companies, it is focusing on cannabis-based products.

This partnership certainly shows something new in cannabis use, but the most important step now is to make it completely legal, and that is up to the authorities.