McLaren teased its new two-seat, open cockpit roadster

McLaren, the British automaker has announced its newest supercar, a seductive new roadster which will join the company’s Ultimate Series in 2020. The vehicle, which has not yet been officially named, is formally announced during a customer briefing at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance at Monterey Car Week.

The car is a two-seater, open cockpit roadster, and will be the latest in the company’s series of supercars that include the P1, Senna, and Speedtail. But don’t expect this to follow in the footsteps of other McLaren Ultimate Series cars, as the new speedster model focus on road-going pure driving pleasure, according to the company.

The sole shadowy teaser photo shows the car not only lacks a roof but a windshield too. There’s a vestigial wind deflector where you can expect the front glass to begin, but that quickly gives up on promising anything but the most basic of protection. And the rest of the cockpit is open and exposed.

The automaker said the new car will utilize McLaren’s trademark carbon fiber construction, making it the lightest car ever produced by McLaren Automotive. Additionally, it’ll feature a version of the twin-turbocharged V8 engine found in the Senna supercar to ensure breath-taking performance.

More detailed information is still under wraps, but the brand promised classic roadster proportions, built to be low and wide with dihedral doors.

However, only 399 units of the new McLaren will be manufactured and will come to market in late 2020 with the price between the £750,000 (about US$900,000) and £2.1 million ($2.5 million) price tags.


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