Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Martini 7.0 catamaran yacht designed to combat seasickness

Servo Yachts has introduced the Martini 7.0, a 165-foot catamaran yacht with revolutionary technology that provides seasickness relief for passengers.

Designed in collaboration with the UK-based studio Shuttleworth Design, the Martini 7.0 incorporates revolutionary marine stabilization techniques that allow the yacht to glide more smoothly through the ocean, avoiding the kinds of motion that typically causes passengers to become seasick.

A variety of solutions have been explored and tested, including the Martini 6.0, a 150-foot high-speed catamaran yacht concept. The new 165 ft catamaran is designed to maximize accommodation space and is the next generation of a series of smaller prototype vessels ranging from 17 ft to 45 ft that have been developed and tested in San Francisco Bay.

The Martini 6.0, a concept for a 150-foot high-speed catamaran yacht.
The Martini 6.0, a concept for a 150-foot high-speed catamaran yacht. Credit: Servo Yachts

The Martini 7.0 marks the largest and most advanced cat in the series so far. It is made of carbon fiber and foam cores, which considerably reduce weight and offer increased durability. The multihull features an innovative electric suspension system that connects the yacht’s superstructure to two dynamic hulls, which adjust in real-time to the height and angle of the waves. The revolutionary design causes less drag than traditional yachts, resulting in a remarkably efficient vessel that is not only safe and comfortable but faster in rough conditions.

A combination of pneumatic and electric rams adjust in real-time to keep the deck in a level position to control and safely absorb the roll, pitch, and heave motions induced by the sea. The patented suspension technology, which minimizes seasickness and crew exhaustion, and enhances safety at all speeds, enables up to 12 feet of vertical travel in each hull.

The resulting vessel can move at high speed through an ocean swell with virtually no motion in the suspended deck where the crew and guests are located. In addition, the novel design is said to cause less drag than traditional yachts, which means it’s faster and more efficient than conventional competitors.

The luxurious interior accommodates 10 guests and 11 crew, spaced over 4 levels. The main systems, engines, fuel, and anchoring equipment are housed in the hulls, making more space available in the suspended deck for accommodation. External walkways around the enclosed flybridge helm station give the crew clear visibility for docking and maneuvering. Aft of the helm station lies an outdoor gym and spacious sun lounging area.

The owner’s suite encompasses the entire forward portion of the main deck and is complete with a private office, gym, and spectacular views through a large wraparound window in the bow.

“With the Martini 7.0, I believe we have found a way to solve seasickness and significantly improve the sailing experience so that everyone can enjoy traveling on the ocean. I am very excited for Servo Yachts to continue to push the boundaries of marine technology and transform ocean travel,” said David Hall, founder of Servo Yacht.