Mantra: The cafe racer for water

An international team crafted ‘Mantra’ brings boat building idea and engineering expertise together. It is an amazing alternative to personal watercraft (PWC) and boats. It is just not within your means but holds many exceptional features.

Mantra perks up your fun into the water with its 80kph+ top speed and classic design. Edition of this watercraft is limited to a specific number. It requires low maintenance and its parts are available worldwide. Despite, it is powered by automobile, aircraft manufacturing company, Honda.

It is one of the coolest watercraft in the world. With its head-turning design, Mantra stands out the most unique and incredible among available. It is a limited edition with a maximum of 340 standards, and 340 RS models to be manufactured for the first series.

Mantra Watercraft
Mantra Watercraft

Hulls of this watercraft are built out of standard GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) boat building technique. This is to fix collision damage easily. Mantra tailored user-friendly with super fun drift style handling. It is easily customizable and stable to make riding easy for beginners and experts. This is due to its exceptional wing design.

It weighs only 295 lbs/134 Kg. And about fuel economy then Mantra provides 1.3GPH/4.9LPH and RS MANTRA provides 1.6GPH/6LPH. It complies with USCG and EU standards.

Top Speed-
Mantra:      37mph/60kph+
Mantra RS: 50mph/80kph+

Mantra Engine
Mantra Engine

They informed about the powerful engine used in this watercraft, “We use Honda GX390 Mega Marine engines for the Mantra. We chose this engine for its simplicity, unrivaled fuel economy, easy servicing and worldwide availability of parts. The 390cc engine uses just 1.3gph/4.9Lph in the standard Mantra, and 1.6gph/6Lph in the upgraded RS model. Making for of the most economical watercraft in the world.”

Besides, Mantra featured with stainless fittings and prop, GPS speedometer, push-button start, and GRP Hull. Also, Acacia wood dash, embroidered logo, and custom throttle options. Mantra devised safety features such as Lanyard engine kill switch, manual engine kill switch, propeller guard, fire extinguisher, and collapsible aluminum paddle.

Options available with this watercraft are as follows-

Hull Color Options – Jet Black, Ivory White, Deep Red

Upholstery Options – Vintage Tan, Classic Black

Throttle Options – Right-Hand Trigger, Left-hand trigger, Right-hand thumb

Now, Mantra is the fun within your means and easy to repair and service. Powered by Honda, Mantra is the world’s most unique watercraft.

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