Thursday, April 18, 2024

MAN Engines introduces modular marine hybrid drive for greener boats

MAN Engines, a German manufacturer, is ushering in a new era of zero-emission mobility, maximum performance based on intelligent solutions, and comfortable cruising for marine engines. The company has introduced the modular MAN Smart Hybrid Experience, a scalable marine drive ecosystem that is tailored to customers’ individual needs and wishes and is specifically configured with this in mind.

The marine hybrid system flexibly combines conventional marine engines and electric motors with batteries and onboard units to create customized hybrid drives. The systems offer silent, zero-emissions electric cruising complemented by longer gas ranges and higher horsepower figures.

This new hybrid system opens up countless opportunities for incorporating different degrees of hybrid power in leisure craft as well as commercial applications.

Based on the desired operating modes, from battery-electric mode, diesel-electric mode, cross-over mode, and hotel mode to boost mode, the MAN hybrid system can focus on performance, comfort, or efficiency. “MAN Engines offers each and every customer a tailored solution for their specific hybrid needs,” says Dr. Matthias Schreiber, Head of MAN Engines.

With these continuously optimized drive configurations, “numerous driving and operating profiles can be set up efficiently.” According to the company, these include economical driving styles to boost the range and the ability to call up more power as a “power boost” option. The hybrid system also allows emissions to be reduced to zero and an emission-free power supply when the boat is anchored.

Additionally, the MAN Smart Hybrid Experience combines all the advantages of a conventional drive system with the latest possibilities offered by electric motors and batteries. In addition to improving efficiency and extending range, noise emissions can be completely eliminated. Also, thanks to the battery-electric mode, the boat can access future marine protected areas.

As a systems supplier, MAN Engines will support customers starting at the initial planning stages and following through into engineering and implementation of hybrid drive components. What’s more, when it comes to servicing and maintenance work, MAN Engines has an extensive network, including service stations in all major ports across the globe. “The MAN Smart Hybrid Experience represents the next level of mobility, building upon the familiar reliability and sustainability that MAN Engines is known for,” adds Schreiber.