Makar Sankranti: Kite Flyers Killing People

Happy and safe Sankranti!
Happy and safe Sankranti!

Makarsakrant! Festive with sweetness, hotness, auspicious beginning and devotional integrity. The day of this festival is celebrated multifariously and at some rituals identically across India as well outside India.

Not only rituals but its names also vary as ‘Maghe Sankranti’ in Nepal, Shakrain in Bangladesh even in India its names differs with continents. We call it ‘Pongal’ in Tamil Nandu, ‘Maghi’ in Punjab, ‘Magha Saaji’ in Himachal Pradesh ( Saaji means Sankranti in Pahari word), ‘Makar Sankranti‘ in Maharashtra likewise in Delhi, Goa, Assam, Odisha, Gujrat and other states.

Not only names but rituals, ceremonials are also quite aloof. As on Sankranti sun moves towards northern hemisphere(Uttarayan) people offer prayers to the sun, some burn bonfires, prepare foods like til-gul, chikkis, sweet potatoes, etc in different regions.

Since birds change their course and fly in the direction of the sun, symbolically people fly kites facing the sun. This is the most common and well-known ceremonial.

Being a kite flying enthusiast today when I found kite surprisingly flown to my head, I was bit happy. This moment was comfy so far as not hurt anybody. I smilingly handed over the kite to that kite flyer kid and moved ahead.

But the next that happened to invite me to write this article. I was standing at the bus stop, due to some construction work roads were quite sophisticated. Still, the people were making their way to their workplaces.

Three bike riders almost in the row were there driving at average speed. These three were the only bikes on the road because my bus would be coming from the same direction my sight was on the road.

Suddenly I found they fell down and that too without hitting anything and not even slipped. I ran towards them, everyone around was astonished seeing no cause for this contingency.

When we reached a nigh found there was a thin thread entangled ineptly. Yes, that was Manja (the glass powder coated kite flying string).

One last and the worst incident when my father met with an accident a few years back. He was coming home from his workplace late night that day after Sankranti.

Abruptly Manja entangled around his neck and he fell down on the highway. Fortunately, he survived this mishap and recovered from those injuries.

These are not the only mishaps happened in this season of kite flying but many birds, animals, and humans numerously get affected. Keep a tab on media you will get to know much such news.

Why do we wait for these casualties to happen, better to be cautious? Fly kite but in the open space, do not leave Manja after flying kite high in the sky because it will eventually fall down and will entangle somewhere, do not fly kites near to highways, do not run after the kites carelessly.

This is to have fun, the fun of flying kites high in the sky not to kill living beings. If you do not bother about speechless animals, be cautious for humans and for yourself.

Festivals are commenced to share happiness, to spread joy and be happy.

Happy and safe Sankranti!