Monday, May 20, 2024

Magna’s new EV drive systems offer better efficiency, range, driving dynamics

The roadmap for electric mobility in Magna’s vision now includes an all-new connected PHEV drivetrain and next-generation battery-electric drive systems. The company has debuted two advanced electrified propulsion systems on ice and snow-filled test track.

On an icy track in challenging weather and driving conditions, the technologies have proven their functional advantages, including improved efficiency, range, and driving dynamics.

The Magna EtelligentEco, an intelligent, connected PHEV system, offers a unique cloud connectivity feature allowing it to perform several new functions previously not possible. It takes into account local electricity sources when charging is required and recommends a greener power option to the driver. The system reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 38%.

Magna's new EV drive systems offer better efficiency, range, driving dynamics
Magna EtelligentEco connected PHEV. Credit: Magna

The driver can also use intelligent cruise control and echo routing, which includes topology and traffic status, to determine the most efficient route to a destination. The combination of these features with its specially tuned operating software and controls and its all-new dedicated hybrid transmission enable significant CO2 reductions.

Inside the PHEV is Magna’s dedicated hybrid transmission with a 120 kW electric motor as the functional core. The system performs in dynamic driving situations and forward and reverses, all in electric mode. The Magna EtelligentEco offers a range of 62 miles (100 km).

Magna EtelligentReach is an all-electric AWD solution with next-generation technology options, including intelligent operating controls and software. Advanced technology now offers an unprecedented increase in autonomy and further improved driving dynamics. In fact, with innovative software and hardware updates, the range is extended by another 20% or more than 90 miles (145 km) in total compared to existing vehicles in production.

In addition, the latest updates include an advanced decoupling function, silicon carbide technology inverters, and further improved operating software, resulting in advances that will benefit all Magna’s electric drive solutions and next-generation hybrid drives.

Magna also introduced another novel technology called eBeam. It is designed to electrify pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles. eBeam integrates with a battery-electric or hybrid powertrain system and offers a structure-oriented design to support high-payload vehicles, with matching power for continuous-duty usage.