Tuesday, May 21, 2024

MagDock: The new ultimate all-in-one wireless charging dock

The wireless charging is booming the market and everyday evolution evoking the more and more advancement. One more in this race is the ‘MagDock’. A PITAKA team, utilizing a combination of high-tech materials, carbon fiber, and magnets, introduced a classic smooth design that integrates three functions.

MagDock is actually comprised of the all-in-one wireless charger, standby power bank monitored by IoT technology and a zip-and-go traveling kit.

  1. All-in-one wireless charger: With this wireless charger for multiple devices, a user has to attach a device to a dock. While attaching also there is no need to adjust its position as we do with other chargers.

2. Power Bank: Built-in power bank keeps MagDock ready to use anytime.

3. Zip-and-go traveling Kit: Forget about bringing multiple chargers. The 30W PD adaptor supplied in the kit, which charges both MagDock and even laptop, provides the power you need for your trip.

This gadget idea has come to an existence from the trouble watching videos with wireless charging and unable to set the perfect angle. Also, when you want to make a video call and found your battery flat. There are many such instances where although you have wireless charging pad you can charge and do your work simultaneously.

To simplify this problem and bring more convenience and improvements PITAKA has developed MagDock.

Industrial Designer Teng Gan, who is CXO PITAKA, describes the process of bringing MagDock to life as a “designing without thought” philosophy. “People shouldn’t really have to think about an object when they are using it.”

“When designing MagDock, we think people should not have to think about adjusting the position. Just put and charge. The inbuilt battery makes it be an always-ready power bank for your next use. This makes the relationship between a person and the object run more smoothly.”

MagDock can charge up to three devices at a time that is also without any mess of cables. The devices you can charge on MagDock are:

These devices can be charged on MagDock
These devices can be charged on MagDock

New improved and innovative design is twistable and convenient. You merely need to twist a dock and put your device on the charge. It works best as a stand for your smartphone. The twistable angle allows you to adjust it for the perfect viewing angles. You can enjoy video calls while your phone on charge.

Its embedded magnets auto aligns your phone once being attached on. Your phone would stick on the charging area tightly and being charged continuously.

MagDock has no light leakage while the device on charge. It is therefore ideal as a nightstand charger and organizer. It has inbuilt 7800mAh battery. The amazing thing is MagDock charge itself and always ready to use.

Not just wireless but MagDock can charge your devices with cable also with the undirected single-port design.

You can smartly track your charging with the dedicated app. You will be notified timely whether a battery is low, fully charged, or unplugged from the mains socket accidentally.

It is equipped with an extra wireless charger pad which expands the wireless charging for more devices. MagPad is a 10W wireless charger and can be utilized individually to charge any Qi-compatible devices.

You will feel any vibration, moving or sliding of the MagDock. This is all because of the Nano Gel Base which allows a device to stick in the right place.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications og MagDock
Technical Specifications of MagDock

You are waiting for the flight, at the cafe, going for an outdoor adventure whenever and wherever you go MagDock is perfect to keep your devices charged.

Additionally, MagDock is expandable. The patented magnetic connector allows attaching additional wireless charging pads whenever you add more devices.