Monday, June 17, 2024

New shower system lets you control temperature or water pressure by moving your hands

LUX Lab inc., the company working on the LiDAR-based algorithms and products, has developed ‘LiDAR motion interface’ and ‘LiDAR posture analysis algorithm.’ The company has unveiled two products based on its LiDAR algorithm: the LUX D102 and LUX NeckCare at the CES 2021.

LUX D102 – LiDAR Motion Interface system

The LUX D102 is a Lidar-Motion Interface Shower System that uses LiDAR technology that can control temperature or water pressure with a simple motion, without a lever during the shower.

It is different from other shower systems available in the market. The users can conveniently adjust the temperature or water pressure with hand gesture while taking a shower through an algorithm included in the device. The motion algorithm system, called LUX MA-03 developed by LUX, analyzes the motion data using a JAVA-based micro-controller system to control the shower system.

LUX D102 hand gesture recognition process.

First, the LUX MA-03 Algorithm detects the user’s hand and recognizes its movements. The system then allows the users to control water temperature by moving hands left and right and controlling water pressure by moving hands up and down. In addition to the hand movements that control the system, it can also recognize 25 different motions that may cause an error.

In particular, its Universal-Design provides the most efficient access to everyone with a convenient motion interface, especially for those that have physical restrictions such as disability and the elderly. The LUX smart device can also provide information by linking shower usage data with an app or send a notification when a user’s sudden accident occurs.

LiDAR Neck Posture Care device

The LUX NeckCare is a LiDAR neck posture care device that checks users’ neck and back posture to prevent ‘forward head posture’ and Carbon Dioxide concentration to correct user posture and maximize work efficiency.

LUX NeckCare - LiDAR Neck Posture Care device
LUX NeckCare – LiDAR Neck Posture Care device. Credit: LUX Lab inc.

To this end, it was designed to check the health status of the user’s neck and spine by analyzing the user data entered into the LiDAR with a self-developed algorithm. It uses LUX HA-04 (Health Algorithm) installed on a JAVA based microcontroller system to analyze the users’ neck and back posture.

The algorithm first checks the user’s normal posture at the initial point. NeckCare then compares its data with current user posture to check if the user’s neck and back are in the right position.

The company says it has won the CES2021 Innovation Awards in three categories of two products. It expects to sell LUX D102 at $850 by March 2021 and NeckCare at $220 by February 2021.