Tuesday, December 11, 2018

LUUNA: Intelligent mask give the rest you need

In the today’s fast-paced world true relaxation is hard to achieve and sleep difficulty is common. Understanding this concern the Entertech team has developed the first intelligent sleep mask, LUUNA, that tailors its soothing capabilities to your sleep schedule. A new mask will create the atmosphere to make you fall asleep faster and better.

LUUNA is the world first smart sleep mask that creates the biofeedback personalized relaxing music to make your sleep better. It is supported by leading EEG Acquisition, AI and Machine Learning technologies.

The music is being played on the mask composed by your brainwaves. The music will reflect your mood. If you’re happy, the music composition will be fast-paced. If you’re relaxed, the music composition will be calm.

Luuna intelligently learns from your brain waves to produce music and sounds that are in harmony with your body’s rhythm.

Different music

Regardless of the music composed by your brainwaves, you also can choose your personal music as follows:

  • Brainwave sounds
    Soft yet powerful music, enlightening your imagination as you venture off into the dream world.
  • Pink noise
    Balanced sounds of nature to help you get a deeper sleep and maintain your robust memory.
  • Personalized music
    Relax and drift into a restful sleep with your own playlist.

How does it work?

Electroencephalography (EEG) sensors monitor and collect brainwave information and transmit it to LUUNA’s computer chip. LUUNA’s computer chip reads and analyzes the brainwave data to produce music, measure your sleep state, and make conclusions what it should do.

LUUNA also features “PEEPING” holes to allow you to “SEE” without having to take your mask off. It is connected to the smart device. The analysis algorithm runs through the smartphone app and helps you sleep comfortably through the smartphone’s peripheral functions.

It includes an EEG sensor and a device that sends the measured value to a smartphone. If Luna sends a signal, it will play the music that makes the mind and body easier on the smartphone through the analyzed signal or to sound an alarm that can be woken up naturally.

You can view personalized sleep reports. Sleep cycles and daily, weekly, and monthly sleep patterns help you achieve your sleep goals.

Sleep modes

Sleep- Choose the sleep mode on your app to get you ready for a full night of restful sleep.

Power nap- Luuna’s app features a power nap mode just in case you only need a few short minutes to recharge your mind, energy, and help you boost your brain’s learning capacity.

Concentration- Concentration training is much like weightlifting for your brain. This mode helps you master the ability to focus for longer periods of time.

Incredible Features

  • Its intelligent AI creates a song to fit your mood
  • It is lightweight (Weighs 50g which is equal to normal sleep mask)
  • The 3D stereoscopic design which matches the contours of the face
  • It can be used for 80 hours on a single charge (More than a week)
  • Generate personalized sleep reports
  • It has two alarm modes
  • It records what you say in your sleep
  • It is designed with skin-friendly fabric, which makes it extremely comfortable
  • It can be washed detaching the EEG sensor beforehand

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