Friday, April 12, 2024

Lunar Cycle: An innovative down-lights

It’s not that easy to ride a bicycle at night than during the day. If you must ride after dark, make sure your bike or bicycle have reflectors and a bright light on both front and rear. You cannot take a risk by assuming that the motorcycle driver or other traffic will see you in the dark.

Riding bicycle in dark can be risky
Riding bicycle in dark can be risky

Keeping all this in mind, Graeme Law with his cousin Jim Thomson has created a product that will help keep cyclists safe on the road. The device called “Lunar Cycle Pedal protected”, innovative downlights. These down-lights have LEDs integrated on its side that project a 1.5m halo of light onto the road around you.

Pedal protected with Lunar Cycle is an innovative bike accessory that casts a perimeter of light around the cyclist. It provokes the fellow road users to give greater clearance when passing.

Lunar Cycle lights are ‘to be seen with the front (white) and the rear (red) both ‘type approved’ for use on the roads. If a driver can see on the approach to a cyclist, an area to be avoided that is surrounding the cyclist. Especially, in the lower light conditions, a safe distance can be applied making it safer for all.

Front and rear prototypes with down-light view
Front and rear prototypes with down-light view

The light around the bicycle is not just a warning to the motorists to steer clear, it also reminds the cyclist of their own safety obligations to avoid them being put at risk.


Technically, the front (white) and rear (red) lamps have E9 02 14115 type approval homologation certifications for road use.

Fully adjustable mounting clamp helps you to locate the lights on the bicycle effortlessly. Simply, mount the front light on the handlebar and rear light right behind the bicycle seat with the help of mounting clamp.

Fully adjustable mounting clamp
Fully adjustable mounting clamp

These lights come with a rechargeable battery and LED indicators. During charging a red light will flash and blue will blink when fully charged.

It will take around 4 hours to be fully charged. One USB charge will give it up to 6 hours of life while using in flash mode. Whereas, continuous lighting will last up to 3 hours. It enables downlight position angles – 26º, 32º, 38º, 45º, and 55º.

Additionally, it offers 6x different flashing/lighting modes. Also, it allows angular light adjustment function to expand or retract lateral clearance footprint.

Other specifications:

  • Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Input: 5v 500mA, Output: 5v 500mA
  • Approximate weights: light unit – 120 grams, battery unit – 100 grams
  • Certificate: CE ROHS FCC MSDS, UN38.3.

Moreover, it comes with an IP54 minimum waterproof rated light unit, battery, and cables with connections.

Such mutual safety prompts, along with Lunar Cycle’s added benefit of tackling poor light and difficult weather conditions, will help to prevent many road accidents involving cyclists.