Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Luma Bottle: A self-cleaning water bottle with UV-C

Everyone deserves to drink clean water wherever they are. We all believe that our experience with drinking water should be refreshing, pure, and pleasant.

The team Luma who exactly thinks the same, has created a reusable water bottle that cleans itself, eliminating the prevailing bad water bottle smell.

An insulated bottle contains more bacteria than your average dog toy, and that unpleasant odor annoys you. Pure water on the go and stinky bottles are the two primary pain points affecting one’s adoption of reusable bottles.

The Luma Bottle: Specifications
The Luma Bottle: Specifications

Luma’s proprietary UV-C LED technology is integrated into a beautifully designed product that delivers pure water from a self-cleaning bottle, directly addressing these complaints.

Kills 99.999% of odor-causing bacteria!

Luma Bottle keeps your water hot, cold, and clean, but it also cleans the bottle for you. The team has engineered a unique UV-C light into the base of a reusable water bottle, which kills 99.999% of odor-causing bacteria in your water and bottle.

UV-C light at the Luma's bottom kills 99.999% of bacteria.
UV-C light at the Luma’s bottom kills 99.999% of bacteria.

As the light rests in the very base, it is in constant contact with your water, allowing the light to kill bacteria more effectively. When the button is activated, the UV-C light kills 99.999% of bacteria in just 60 seconds, keeping your water and the bottle clean!

Rechargeable water bottle:

Luma Bottle is an affordable, reusable, insulated, durable, and rechargeable water bottle. Charge the bottle once, giving you freshwater for more than two months.

The Luma Bottle gives you the freedom to drink purely and safely wherever you go
The Luma Bottle gives you the freedom to drink purely and safely wherever you go.

Very easy to use! Simply fill up the bottle, press the button to initiate the UV-C light given at its base, and it will take just 60 seconds to give you pure, bacteria-free water. It kills the bacteria like MRSA, E. Coli, and Salmonella.

Luma Bottle also enables you to quickly refill it whenever necessary, knowing that no harmful bacteria are silently growing on the inside.