Friday, March 31, 2023

LUCI immers: Your Private Personal Cinema

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Everyone loves a good movie, but finding the time to get to the theatre is tough as everyone leads a busy life and often the cinema is crowded and noisy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your phone to have a big-screen experience right in the comfort of your home?

It is all have been possible with “LUCI immers”. The team of LUCI based in China has designed and created a super portable, lightweight micro-OLED glasses that deliver an incredible visual experience for entertainment.

Let’s see what it comes with?

This truly lightweight entertainment headset has a high-resolution display that provides a super-giant screen effect for video and multimedia when connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. A 3840×1080 high-resolution display and an incredible 3147-pixel density give the effect of a screen size of 1023” at a 20m viewing distance. You will feel just like sitting in a theatre.

1023" Giant Screen
1023″ Giant Screen

Unlike the other commercial displays, its native 3D effects and 3DoF (three degrees of freedom) motion, eliminates ghosting and screen door effects. LUCI immers is designed based on the IOD (Immersion-on-demand) standard and along with its creative engineering innovations, it allows you to enjoy an immersive entertainment experience anytime and anywhere.

3DOF and Infrared Sensor
3DOF and Infrared Sensor

Moreover, LUCI immers is a super easy plug and play device. Connect your smartphone and laptops through our USB-C port. PCs, laptops, game consoles can easily be connected via HDMI cable. Also, it can also connect to Apple devices via the Lightning to USB-C Adapter.

Enjoy cinema at personal place anywhere, anytime.
Enjoy cinema at personal place anywhere, anytime.

Take control of your games in an immersive style, with bigger, clearer and more powerful actions. LUCI immers makes each game an incredible world of fun.

“Our goal was to make the most lightweight and comfortable wearable on the market that would allow users to enjoy their multimedia with an incredible visual experience. LUCI immers combines high tech materials for comfort and a high definition display for a big-screen experience that users can take with them anywhere,” said Kirin Li CEO, LUCI.

Now, no more hassle of those bulky and expensive personal video headsets on the market! LUCI is made with portability, travel, and comfort in mind.

LUCI immers Construction
LUCI immers Construction

It weighs just 180 grams almost similar to the typical pair of ski goggles, super comfortable to wear for longer sessions. Its compact and ergonomic design headset comes in a curved shape to fit the forehead with skin-friendly cotton as a cushion.

What’s more?

With all these exceptional features, LUCI can be worn over eyeglasses comfortably so that your vision is unchanged during viewing. Additionally, its clever modular design gives users three options like wearing only glasses, Adding the headband and adding the crown.

Adjustable Papillary Distance
Adjustable Papillary Distance

In addition, you can adjust for the distance between your pupils and focus each eye individually. This results in a crystal-clear high-resolution image that is perfectly suited to you.


LUCI was made to provide a better experience for streaming media and also includes an APP with exclusive content in 2D, 3D, 4K, 8K, and 360°.

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