LOCTOTE Cinch Pack: World’s Most Secure Backpack

LOCTOTE cinch pack
LOCTOTE cinch pack

Simply AMAZING! These would be the words to say when you learn more about this backpack.

Yes, a small employee-owned company, LOCTOTE, is introducing a backpack which was designed without compromising on anything. It provides the best quality and authenticity.

Don Halpern, Founder & CEO, LOCTOTE INDUSTRIAL BAG COMPANY, said, “There’s nothing fancy and no secret formula to what we do. We’re just hands-on hard-working folks providing customers handcrafted hard-wearing products at a fair price. It’s really quite simple.”

LOCTOTE Cinch Backpack is truly a theft resistant bag tailored with all the provisions one can lose their belongings in lack of. It is tough, practical, daily carry backpack.

This stylish though toughest backpack particularly designed to accommodate the lifestyles of people who travel in high-crime environments or anybody on the go who has important things with them. Like passports, electronics, wallets, keys, etc.

No need to worry anymore, no matter where you are, if you have LOCTOTE Cinch pack. You can switch your focus to another important work since your valuables are secure and do not ask for your heed.

LOCTOTE clinch pack features
LOCTOTE cinch pack features

Let’s talk about its technical features. LOCTOTE Cinch pack tailored with a patent-pending UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) locking strap enables you to lock your bag shut, and to a fixed object. It is reinforced and grommeted with stainless steel and assembled with solid brass components and hand-set rivets. Eventually, it makes backpack difficult to cut, break or tear without extreme force or heavy tools.

Also, at one end is a heavy-duty solid brass lock for high security, and at the other end is a solid brass carabiner clip for quick fastening.

LOCTOTE cinch pack with solid brass combination lock
LOCTOTE cinch pack with a solid brass combination lock

They say, “Crafted from a woven layer of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and other state-of-the-art fibers, this makes our lockable bag truly secure.”

“Our bags will keep your stuff safe, except under the most hostile circumstances.”

Double steel wire reinforce inner core
Double steel wire reinforce inner core

The backpack is impossible to slash and grab with 1.25″ wide UHMWPE locking straps reinforced with a steel-reinforced inner core doubles as the backpack straps.

This backpack is simply versatile and all-in-one pack to carry important and valuable items. For instance, you can carry your credit cards and passports in its water-resistant fleece-lined internal pocket. This pocket is also lined with a tested RFID blocking material to shield cards from electronic pick-pocketing.

“Each LOCTOTE® bag is treated with industrial water and stain repellant coating, and comes equipped with YKK Aquaguard zippers to keep your stuff as dry as possible.”

Besides, it offers hidden easy access exterior pocket with YKK Aquaguard zipper, leather loops, and brass slide hook allow you to adjust your capacity as needed, and two high capacity water bottle pockets. Also, slide hook doubles as a bottle opener and adjustable side straps to fit your size.

LOCTOTE cinch pack specifications
LOCTOTE cinch pack specifications

Though it provides endless security features, it is lightweight, comfortable to carry, durable, hand-washable, UV resistant, latex and gluten-free, low-calorie, low-carb, gender neutral, environmentally friendly, and politically correct.

Its elegance and simplicity suit no matter what you wear whether you’re dressed for the office, the gym, the beach, or a night.