LiONCooler: First smart controlled portable solar fridge-freezer

ACOPower has launched the first smart, app-controlled, rechargeable, solar fridge freezer that helps solve some major pain-points and pleasure wants, called “LiONCooler”. It keeps food and beverages ice-cold without icy and works like your home refrigerator, but on-the-go!

Say GoodBye to the hassle of buying bags of ice that will eventually melt!

The LiONCooler is easily operated with its illuminated digital temperature control display to ensure drinks and food are custom chilled-to-order. All happens without the inconvenience of ice.

Smart Technology, App controlled
Smart Technology, App Controlled

The Cooler/freezer can be remotely operated using the iOS/Android Bluetooth App that pairs with the product to make control even more convenient. So, don’t worry about the changing temperature, you will always get your food or beverage cool the way you want it!

LiONCooler chills to -4°F
LiONCooler chills to -4°F

It is equipped with quality LG compressors which ensure high performance and chills to -4°F. Moreover, it comes with durable, rechargeable and replaceable 173Wh built-in Lithium-ion battery that takes 4-6 hours to fully charge. The easy “snap-in/out” battery has a 10-hour life to keep the chill.

Removable, rechargeable battery
Removable, rechargeable battery

Moreover, It allows you to charge the battery in three different modes, either using AC, 12-volt DC in the car, or solar panels. Any solar panel can be used to recharge the battery using the MC4 universal connector provided. The battery only depletes when you use LiONCooler in portable mode. If you are connected to a power source, the battery will stay fully charged.

Higher mobility:

Unlike the ‘Landline’ fridge freezer, it offers higher mobility. Carrying those quite heavy freezers in your hand can be hectic sometimes. Whereas, the luggage-style design makes LiONCooler easy to move without having to lift.

Telescoping Handle
Telescoping Handle

It is furnished with 6″ durable extra-large wheels which makes it easy to for transportation across all the terrains.

LiONCooler: Construction
LiONCooler: Construction


Additionally, its removable insulating lid lets you wash it when needed or detach for easy and quick access when with a group. It is also an energy efficient product! Using the LiONCooler is equal to turning on a 35W nitrogen bulb.

In addition, the three sizes are available, you can choose the one that suits your need and style.

LiONCooler: Available sizes
LiONCooler: Available sizes

Who doesn’t love ice-chilled drinks on a hot day?

LiONCooler is designed by focussing on smart technology to give customers what they really want – convenience, temperature control, and portable power. It can be your best companion on every outdoor activity, whether it is barbecues, fishing and boat trips, backyard parties, school sports events, road trips, tailgating or picnics. Also, it’s the perfect gear for a soccer mom!


Freezer Capability 32/42/52 Quarts
Battery Capability 11.1 V/15600mAh/173Wh
Rated current for DC 3A
Freeze running time with Built-in Battery 5-12h (12H at 32-degree F)
Lowest temperature – 4°F/ -20°C
Low Energy Consumption 35W
Removable Battery weight 2.65 lb/ 1.2 Kg
Battery size 5.4×4.4×3 in/ 13.8×11.3×7.5 cm

Undoubtedly, you will have a truly smart portable cooling solution for everyday use or back up chilling for emergencies.

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