Tuesday, May 21, 2024

LG’s new Rollable OLED TV display installs in the ceiling

The CES 2020, where the leading manufacturers will showcase their innovations for the year, and beyond, is just around the corner. LG will do the same on the television and screen sector.

LG Display has announced that at the largest trade fair for consumer electronics (CES 2020), it will present a rollable OLED screen designed for airplanes, automobiles, homes, hotels, offices, and commercial spaces that resemble the screen of a conventional projector. It is stored in the ceiling and can be pulled down when desired and rolled up when not in use.

The Korean brand was featured in the 2019 edition of the fair in Las Vegas, where it introduced Signature OLED TV R, which is wrapped in furniture that looks like a miniature rack. This year the company seems to have been inspired here by rear projection screens, which have the advantage of occupying no space in a living room. Here, however, we are dealing with a real OLED UHD 65-inch TV.

OLED Screens for cars and planes

LG also intends to expand outside our homes to accompany us on all our journeys and trips. The company will thus showcase its Plastic OLED displays for automobiles. Several models of panels ranging from 12.3 to 14-inches are planned to be integrated directly into the dashboard, to disseminate information, or serve as a large multimedia control screen and offer the best possible image quality.

LG Display will unveil various automotive displays that will enable people to experience unmatched picture quality
LG Display will unveil various automotive displays that will enable people to experience unmatched picture quality.

The brand also mentions a 12.8-inch drop-down screen that could be deployed anywhere in the vehicle, for example, behind a front seat so that the rear passengers can be entertained.

In addition, LG Display will lift the veil on screens designed for aircraft. This will elevate the First-Class experience and create a new perception of flight. Its 65-inch Ultra HD (UHD) Bendable OLED display, which can bend at both ends, will enable passengers to enjoy more immersive on-screen images by adjusting the curvature of the display.

48-inch OLED TV displays

In parallel, LG will announce other products and projects during this CES 2020. We learn that the brand aims to launch OLED televisions with a diagonal of 48 inches to complete its ranges, which already offer 55, 65, 77, and 88-inches. LG wants to be more affordable for smaller budgets or those who cannot buy a large TV due to a lack of space in their homes.

Furthermore, the company plans to showcase its latest Cinematic Sound OLED screens, with the sound system directly integrated into the panel. Specifically, the exhibition will show the 77-inch UHD Film Cinematic Sound & Wallpaper OLED -which is placed as a wall screen, and a model with an 8k resolution of 88-inches.

There is no price and release date information. As LG Displays works with partners, the price of the models for cars and airplanes may vary with each contract.