Saturday, June 3, 2023

Lexus introduced seven unrealistic transport concepts for the Moon

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Transportation in low gravity conditions requires an adjusted approach to the development of technology. So far, these are only theoretical projects, but Toyota Corporation is constantly thinking about the day after tomorrow.

This week, Lexus proposed several concepts of lunar transport vehicles. It is unlikely that all of these ideas will be looked for on Earth’s only natural satellite, but we hope that modern futuristic transport concepts will be incorporated into more mundane luxury brand products, or at least in movies and games.

The design concepts have been requisitioned to enrich the Lunar Design Portfolio of Document Journal, a fashion and art magazine. Seven vehicles designed by designers from Toyota and the Lexus European Advanced Design Studio result from this project.

Lexus Zero Gravity is a hoverbike.
Lexus Zero Gravity is a hoverbike.

The flagship prototype, which can be found in the pages of the magazine, is the Zero Gravity single-seater, inspired by the LF-30 electric concept car. The Lexus Zero Gravity is a hoverbike – a flying motorcycle that somehow miraculously held in the air. With this model, the driver maintains total control while gliding smoothly over the rough and bumpy lunar surface, even at an estimated speed of 500 km/h. This model would use magnetic levitation technology to travel in a low gravity environment.

Lexus Cosmo is also a flying vehicle with a bizarre rocket-like form, designed for both space and the lunar surface. It features a fully sculpted glass shape that functions as a massive observatory to not only enjoy the view but also explore the low gravity phenomenon. Next, the Lexus Bouncing Moon Roller is a transport in a spherical capsule in which you can move around by jumping like a ball.

The Lexus Lunar Cruiser concept
The Lexus Lunar Cruiser concept

The Lexus Lunar Cruiser concept provides the ability to ride on the surface and fly thanks to the wheels that transform into quadcopter propellers. It most resembles the prototype Lexus LF-30, and in the name, there is a hint of Toyota Land Cruiser. The Lexus Lunar Mission concept is designed exclusively for people to fly to reach and walk on the Moon, while the Lexus Moon Racer is dedicated to the varied peaks of the lunar surface. And finally, there is Lexus Lunar, a six-wheeled massive transport vehicle similar to modern moon rovers to explore and discover the Moon safely.

Unfortunately, there are no industrial concepts behind these figures that would recreate vehicles that could actually travel across the lunar surface. All of these are just design exercises, separate from the technical part. They probably intend to draw attention to Lexus’ most significant experiences, such as the aforementioned electric vehicle LF-30 with an onboard drone.

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