Lego releases the replica of the International Space Station

Lego is back with another incredible space-themed kit. This time, it is a replica of the International Space Station, the orbiting laboratory led by NASA and more than twelve countries around the world. Standing more than 20 cm high, it was entirely built from hundreds of plastic bricks.

This Monday, January 20, the company released a video showing a balloon launched at high altitude and transporting the mini-station about 50 km above the Earth, at sunset, when the stars appear.

The set consists of 864 Lego pieces with which you can build the iconic space station
The set consists of 864 Lego pieces with which you can build the iconic space station

The set consists of 864 Lego pieces, which represent miniature versions of the ISS pieces, with which you can build the iconic space station, the reproduction in the correct scale of the NASA Shuttle, and three mini cargo spacecraft. The kit also includes two astronaut microfigures.

The set, once built, will also have a posable Canadarm2 and two rotating joints that coincide with eight adjustable solar panels. Lego even created adjustable parts for the model in order to adapt it to the energy source of the ISS. The kit includes capsules, modules, docks for shuttles and spaceships, and access hatches for Lego astronauts. It also includes the elements to build support, thanks to which the set can be displayed at home or in the office.

With a height of over 20 cm, a length of 31 cm, and a width of 49 cm, the new LEGO “International Space Station” kit is perfect to be combined with other “space” themed projects. The new Lego “International Space Station” set will be available online from February 1 for the US $70.


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