Wednesday, May 22, 2024

LEAOS presents Rocket, the lightweight city and touring e-bike

LEAOS, an Italian bike maker that we have dealt with in the past for its innovative and avant-garde e-bikes in terms of materials and environmental impact, has launched its latest lightweight city commuter – the Rocket E-bike. With a high recognition value, the model has a sporty geometry and a new rear-wheel drive.

The new LEAOS Rocket E-Bike comes with a classic, elegant aluminum frame that looks very similar to its sister model, Pressed E-Bike, at first glance, but this is put into perspective on closer inspection. With regard to the design, LEAOS takes over the basic frame design for its latest model; however, the frame is no longer welded together from two pressed halves but is made up of tubes in a classic way.

Nevertheless, there is also space for a removable, fully integrated battery with 360 Wh from LEAOS in the Rocket E-Bike’s top tube and is reckoned good for up to 100 km (62 miles) per charge. The battery, which is produced in Germany, can be quickly recharged in two hours.

LEAOS presents Rocket, the lightweight city and touring e-bike.
The model has a sporty geometry and a new rear-wheel drive. Credit: LEAOS

The 16.5-kg Rocket E-Bike’s rear hub motor very quiet with over 40 Nm of torque and rider assist up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph). As with the Pressed E-Bike, the drive system is operated via a minimalist display on the left handlebar grip, which shows the most important values and allows you to choose from the support levels.

The seating position is basically sporty but still comfortable. The model is available as a single-speed or with a Shimano 8-speed derailleur or Gates Carbon belt drive and, according to LEAOS, is suitable for both cruisings in the city as well as for pleasure cycling on tours, whereby inclines of up to 20% should not be a problem. An E-Gravel variant can also be configured here, which is then equipped with nine gears.

Other features of the e-bike include a small digital display, integrated lighting front and rear, 28-inch Zoll double-wall wheels with 1.75-inch-thick Continental tires, hydraulic disc braking, and front and rear fenders.

The starting price for the new Rocket E-Bike is €2,990 (about $3,600). The price can then change upwards through customization and a lot of accessories. The models are scheduled to be delivered from February 2021.