Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Lazzarini’s Air Yacht concept sails both skies and seas with zero-emissions

An Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini has unveiled his latest luxury flying superyacht concept – and it’s designed to fly as well as sail the world’s oceans.

Pierpaolo Lazzarini is no stranger when it comes to design concepts – be it swan-inspired superyachts, the Stratosfera Concept that can move on water, land, and in the sky, or the Pagurus solar-powered amphibious catamaran capable of also moving on land. His latest project, the Air Yacht, is designed to glide in style over the sea or through the skies without emissions in the future.

The top surface of the blimps are covered of a solar charging system.
The top surface of the blimps is covered with a solar charging system. Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio

The concept is made up of two 150 meter airships that are connected to a central 80-meter hull via four carbon bridges on each side. The dry carbon fiber structure can reach 60 knots (111 km/h) thanks to eight contra-rotating electric rotors on the sides powered by ultra-light batteries and solar panels and two helium-filled blimps, allowing it to fly, hover, and float on the water too.

The two floating balloons are divided into hives that hold 14.1 million ft3 (400,000 m3) of compressed helium. When in flight, the compressed helium is released and can provide enough propulsion for journeys of up to 48 hours at 60 knots and can then safely land on the sea surface, thanks to its inflatable base. And when cruising on the water, the Air Yacht sails quietly at 5 knots (9 km/h).

Each blimp contains 200.000 m3 of helium on each side.
Each blimp contains 200.000 m3 of helium on each side. Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio

The Air Yacht’s central deck measures 10 meters wide and houses a master cabin with 360-degree views, a large dining area, and a living area. Five suites for the passengers are available on each blimp side, and a special shipowner suite is placed on the center with a 360-degree view. There are also windows on the outer edges of the airships, offering guests a view of their surroundings when in flight. There is also room for an optional helipad on the top on the top of the central deck with an accompanying helicopter.

The particularity of the flying superyacht is the possibility to land on the ground or either in the water. Hypothetically with €550 million ($629 million), there will be enough budget to build on-demand a first Air Yacht (or sky yacht) for a client Pierpaolo Lazzarini said.