Lamborghini unveils new monster designed supercar for Gran Turismo Sport

At the ‘FIA Gran Turismo Championships’ World Finals 2019 held in Monaco, Lamborghini introduced a special concept – the “Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo.” This is the first virtual supercar of the Italian brand, which will be available to all players in the video game Gran Turismo from spring 2020.

The Lambo V12 Vision GT was created by the designers of the Lamborghini Centro Stile. This is a single hypercar with a futuristic design, in which you can find some details from the first hybrid of the Lamborghini Sian brand, for example, Y-shaped LED DRLs.

This one-seater sports car, which has become a driving pleasure, has an eye-catching visionary design. The Lambo V12 Gran Turismo Vision exists only in virtual form but still has traditional style features, though overall, we might think we’re dealing with a character from the latest Transformers movie.

The designers were given complete freedom when designing the car, and this can be seen since the only way to get into the centered driver’s seat is to open the entire front of the car, which also means that you have not got the traditional doors. All of the main controls for driving have been placed on the futuristic steering wheel, and all information is virtually projected in the driver’s line of sight.

  • Lamborghini's new monster designed supercar
  • It has Y-shaped LED DRLs
  • All of the main controls for driving have been placed on the futuristic steering wheel.
  • Lambo V12 Vision GT Wheels
  • The rear of the car has a large wing and the main body is separated from the side fenders.
  • The Lamborghini V12 Gran Turismo Vision exists only in virtual form. Credit: GT Sport

The vehicle has hexagonal side windows inspired by the 1968 Marzal concept. The angled lines, narrow headlights, and the rear wing bring the Lamborghini flair well, so fans of the brand will probably love the novelty in the game.

The exact performance of the model has not been mentioned by the manufacturer, but it has been said that its hybrid drive chain has been transplanted from Lamborghini Sian unveiled in September this year, which requires a 785hp V12 engine and a 34hp electric motor. The Lamborghini Sian completes the hundredth sprint in 2.8 seconds, so Gran Turismo Vision is almost certain to bring that level.

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