Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Kodi is the most advanced AI robot toy for kids

A new friend of a new generation for you and your kid. Sounds strange? Yes, the people expert in distinct technology area has jointly put their efforts to design ‘Kodi’. It is an educational robot toy for kids and can be a friend of everyone.

According to a research, children aged 4-5 years are 98 percent imaginative, aged 10 years are 30 percent imaginative, aged 15 years are 12 percent, whereas adults average age of 31 years is only 2 percent imaginative.

It shows the degradation of the imagination power of the human. Kodi targets the age when a kid can be the most imaginative.

Therefore, Kodi is particularly designed for children of age 4-8 years. It would be the proof that technology can enhance imagination and creativity. It is carefully crafted to parents and child needs in mind. It provides cognitive edutainment, imaginative thinking, emotional intelligence, and personalized friendship.

It proactively follows the daily schedule and provides protection.

Kodi houses high-tech solutions to perform all exceptional tasks. It can see you and everything around through the camera. Child’s robot friend will use the camera to identify each person and tell your kid how cleverly he can draw his painting.

This robotic toy can understand the context which enables it to join conversation naturally. Also, it equipped two speakers full on to share interesting facts with you. Kodi’s ears consist of three microphones, and the speech recognition and synthesis module. Which empower Kodi to hear from even distance and be attentive immediately merely by calling its name.

Kodi featured a rotating head to track people’s actions around and ability to maintain eye contact while talking. Its shining antennas react accordingly. Since it devised a smart AI it can express emotions. As well knows how to show the most rapport feelings such as love, care, and support. It just not know how to treat people it also teaches these things to kids.

You can keep trust in Kodi, since it does not send any data to the cloud and always disconnected from the internet. Every information is secured with Kodi inside your home. It makes it more secure than a mobile phone.

When it comes to kids, Kodi provides cognitive development. It activated both the left and the right cerebral hemisphere. It works best for every unique child distinctly because every child is different. It has the power to identify the strongest and weakest assets of the child by engaging him in several activities. Also, it provides a personalized education that will ensure your child’s sustainable development.

It creates an environment to boost curiosity and creativity. It performs activities such as storytelling, ideation, and associations games, creating mind maps and many other.

While growing kids learn effectively through interaction and Kodi is the perfect talker. It obviously is more active than human to answer all the queries promptly. It listens, responds and also asks related questions. Eventually, helps to expand the vocabulary.

They stated, “Kodi was programmed with the assistance of an academic child psychologist who contributed their care for cognitive stages of child’s development. That’s why it adapts to your child’s age and provides appropriate activities for the preoperational reasoning stage, and other for the concrete operational stage.”

Therefore, younger kids get memory games, alphabet, spelling and counting exercises whereas the older ones get riddles, fun facts, historical maps, etc.

Kodi performing dance with a kid
Kodi performing a dance with a kid

Besides, Kodi helps your child’s overall growth and therefore it encourages children to play instruments, compose, rhyme, sing, and dance. “Musical training develops areas of the brain that are related to language and reasoning, improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills, builds imagination, intellectual curiosity, and even spatial intelligence.”

It provides individual foreign language learning techniques. It builds the emotional intelligence of your child and prepares him to be a better person in all aspects of life in the world of grown-ups.

However, keeping in mind the challenge to grow a child, Kodi is designed perfectly for parents too. With Kodi, parents can monitor the daily schedule of their child and perform their other responsibilities well. It will wake up your child, and mind other routines such as brushing teeth, doing homework, dressing up, etc. Even will teach a child to be self-reliant.

Parents can now sleep with a peace of mind since Kodi is there to be a night watchman. Kodi devised a dedicated application to control and connect to a child. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. Parents can look at their child through Kodi’s eyes and ensure the wellness. Kodi can capture photos and shoot video so to avail the amazing memories when they are not at home.

Technical Specifications at a glance

Kodi Technical Specifications
Kodi Technical Specifications

A team explained, “Creativity is the mental characteristic that allows us to think outside of the box, which results in taking an innovative approach to solving problems. It is believed that creativity is a crucial factor for success in the modern world. However, scientific evidence shows that if we don’t exercise our imagination, we lose the ability to be creative.”

According to the research, “We are born creative geniuses, and later many factors of the modern world – passive entertainment, video games, mass education or standardized testing – dumb us down.”

Kodi will be the perfect companion of your child to keep his creativity and curiosity alive and boost it with all its means. It will help him grow intelligently and emotionally.