Kinflyte: Posture Bra and Active-wear Essentials

The benefits of a well-fitting posture bra are priceless. Especially, when you suffer postures issues, or shoulder and back pain. A good supportive bra will help reduce or eliminate pain and improve your posture.

If you’re looking for a bra that fits and want to address poor posture, Kinflyte is the first-of-its-kind posture bra and activewear essentials capsule.

Kinflyte essentials is a company supports women who struggle each day for work and designs posture supportive apparel that helps everybody move better. They designed Kinflyte, a three-piece Freedom Essentials Capsule, featuring a bra, built-in bra top, and high rise underwear.

This stunning essentials trio encourages improved body alignment postures with support for the back, shoulders, and front. These everyday essentials are made of technical performance knits and have a system of hidden compression panels that gently cue one’s shoulders to roll back and relieves pressure on the back, while wirelessly lifting the bust.

It works with your body to help improve alignment.
It works with your body to help improve alignment.

Though using the latest in technical performance knits, Kinflyte essentials are incredibly soft against the skin, comfortable, and breathable.

It enables a free range of movement and promotes a better stance. By combining the beauty of intimates with the durability of performance-wear, this 3-piece set fits and supports your body smoothly and comfortably like a second skin.

Let’s discuss in details:

A wire-free Freedom Bra is designed with cushioned compression around the front, back, and shoulders, and wirelessly lift your bust to promote a better posture. The Bra is versatile, so you can wear it under a top, dress, or go solo. Wear it out, wear it in, or wear it at the gym.

Kinflyte Wireless Bra Details
Kinflyte Wireless Bra Details

While the Unity V-Top is a bra top that has the posture support of the Freedom Bra with coverage extending to lower back and stomach. This stylish bra-top is the all-in-one bra top that makes a great solo experience. Also, the top can be easily paired with jeans, trousers, or your favorite skirt. The V neckline makes this an especially versatile top.

Kinflyte Unity V Top Details
Kinflyte Unity V Top Details

Additionally, both come with a removable bra pad inserts that give you the option for additional shaping.

Kinflyte Underwear details
Kinflyte Underwear details

The third essential that is smoothing hi-rise Ally Underwear is designed to flatter any waistline while providing postural support for lower back. The Ally Underwear can be interchangeably paired with the Freedom Bra or Unity V-Top, and worn as a set.

What’s more?

Kinflyte Unity V Top Zippered Side pocket Close-up
Kinflyte Unity V Top Zippered Side pocket Close-up

Moreover, the trio is moisture-wicking and anti-odor to support your active lifestyle. They a hidden stash pocket, a perfect place to keep a credit card, cash, or keys. Also, they are Antimicrobial with UPF50 UV protection, perfect for travel.

The essentials are made of breathable, soft fabrics, making them a versatile choice for wearing in any number of activities- at home, office, gym, or out on the town.

Kinflyte is a size-inclusive brand. Sizes range XS to 3XL. Bra and bra-top sizing translate for band sizes 32 to 46, and cup sizes A to G. All the three pieces come with two color choices- Noir Black and Future White.

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