Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Keyfender: Protect your car key from water

Most people drive to outdoor activities by car and they often end up searching for a place to keep their electronic car key safe and dry. Some choose to secure the key using a plastic bag, hide it near the car or leave it at the beach within some towels. But these are not a good and safe idea. There are chances we lose the key.

Now, say goodbye to the leaky pouches, hiding the car key or key safes that invalidate your car insurance. Your key is safe only when it is with you.

Introducing Keyfender- the waterproof car key case for all outdoor activities and watersports. It allows taking your key with you safely anytime, anywhere, in any extreme condition.

If you are going into water or into nature under the rough condition, the electronic key has to stay dry. You need a reliable way to carry it.

Keyfender: waterproof key case feature
Keyfender: waterproof key case feature

Keyfender is not just good looking but very functional, flexible, reliable and handy also. It protects your electronic car key from water, sand and all kind of shocks.

It comes with a high-quality neoprene strap and an extra adjustable belt which enables you to carry the key case always with you. It is provided with IP68 protection class for water resistance up to 10 meters.

It contains three self-adhesive foam but removable pads, so can fit for keys of almost all the vehicles in the market. After choosing the right pad for your key it won’t jingle inside the Keyfender and you can operate the buttons in a comfortable way.

Keys with any kind of design and size within a given limit may fit in it. The maximum dimension of the key is – 9.5cm long, 3.9cm wide and 2.1cm high.

The case has a soft rubber window to allow you to operate your key while still in the case. It is made of durable and lightweight materials matched with a quality German design.

Keyfender: waterproof key case
Keyfender: waterproof key case

It can withstand the temperature between -10 to 45 degree Celsius. Now, enjoy your beaches and outdoor activities without worry of losing your car key.