Friday, February 23, 2024

The GHOST stealth boat can sail through waves at high speeds

Juliet Marine Systems GHOST is a highly advanced reconfigurable SWATH stealth-capable warship currently under development for the U.S. Navy. It is being designed, developed, and built by private American company Juliet Marine Systems. The company has solved the technical challenge of controlling small waterplane area twin-hull (SWATH) vessels at high speed.

The vessel’s design allows it to move through the water with a fraction of the friction experienced by conventional vessels. This provides impressive maneuverability and speed that would prove essential to countering small, high-speed vessels like motorboats. As the manufacturer assures, the vessel has a very small radar signature thanks to the use of advanced technologies and the design itself.

The GHOST stealth boat can sail through waves at high speeds.
Schematic of GHOST stealth boat. Credit: Juliet Marine Systems

According to Juliet Marine Systems, “GHOST” can be used in special operations for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance tasks. Other than military uses, the vessel could also be used for civilian duties, as a high-speed maritime ferry or taxi services, offshore oil rig supply, or even as a pleasure cruise o the waters.

The hull of GHOST is 19 meters long and has a curved, faceted design that has more in common with airplanes than ships. The GHOST, when empty, weighs around 6.4 tonnes and has a range of about 800 km 500 miles. Additionally, minimal use of windows reduces its signature on the radars.

The GHOST stealth boat can sail through waves at high speeds.
It has achieved speeds of over 30 knots, and is being tested to 50 knots. Credit: Juliet Marine Systems

The stealth boat has a range of rare and amazing features; however, the most prominent one remains its dual-pontoon supercavitating hull, which is technically known as SWATH (small waterplane-area twin-hull). The system gains stabilization and control with the help of gyro-stabilization and comes equipped with 20 underwater control surfaces to optimize GHOST’s agility.

Propulsion on the prototype is provided by two gas-powered turboshaft engines providing 1,800 horsepower; there are plans to later adopt the General Electric T700 turboshaft engine. It has achieved speeds of over 30 knots and is being tested to 50 knots.

The GHOST is expected to take on deadly military duties when equipped with the right weapons. The future might see the boat capable of attack helicopters and incoming small attack vessels.