Tuesday, March 28, 2023

JM2: Slimmest, powerful TWS earbuds

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It is time to totally say good to the wired earphones. While there are a lot of earbuds coming in the market that supports TWS – Truly Wireless Stereo Technology, I have got the slimmest and lightest TWS earbuds for you called “JM2”.

The August wireless company has designed these extremely slim earbuds packed with a number of astonishing features that will blow your mind, like noise cancellation, waterproofing, and next-generation wireless functions.

JM2 Features in detail:

It comes with the premium high-definition stereo speakers and enhanced bass that enables a super high-quality sound in the compact earbuds. It is a fantastic digital sound earbud set to bring out the best experience in music and videos.

Equipped with the best smart connection technology, JM2 earbuds are easy to set up and use. Simply, take out both the earbuds out of the case and connect them to your phone. It turns on/off and even paired with your smartphones automatically within the operating range of 10 meters.

JM2: Available Colors
JM2: Available Colors

JM2’s aluminum body and its attractive colors make it the most fashionable and elegant earbuds among the other.

With the touch gesture control, you can monitor the volume up/down and forward/backward your playlist easily. Also, answer and make calls activate the Siri or Google assistant with voice control effortlessly.

Most of the other earbuds available in the market, don’t fit your ears and are slippery too. However, JM2 seats perfectly in your ears, because of its cutting edge thin build, extra smooth and grippy surface.

A girl wearing JM2 comfortably- Secure fit
A girl wearing JM2 comfortably- Secure fit

In addition to the grippy and smooth surface, the JM2 earbuds are IPX5 waterproof.

It offers the standing time of up to 50 hours which far better than the other earbuds you will meet with. JM2 will be fully charged in 1.5 hours and gives about 2.5 hours of listening time(music) or 3 hours of talk time.

Just 4.6 grams (one headset) weighted JM2 is the most lightweight earbuds and has the width of only 25mm and length of 24mm. Its size is just half of the most other earbuds available in the market that supports TWS technology.

JM2: Size
JM2: Size

These ultra small but extremely powerful earbuds can be the dream earbuds of the next generation. Its total weight including the charging case is 34 grams.

Its ergonomic and stable design offers super comfort and feels very light as a feather on ears. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, which offers the strongest, and seamless connectivity between your devices.

JM2 earbuds can be your companion while traveling, exercising or even working. It ensures that you take your trips, workouts, and runs alone or with poorer sound quality.

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