Sunday, April 21, 2024

Jet-powered electric YuJet Surfer lets you enjoy up to 40-minute ride

Technological innovations continue to emerge; this time, the Florida-based startup YuJet has unveiled a surfboard that is nothing like a normal surfboard. Focused on eco-friendly water entertainment, it is a jet-powered electric surfboard called the YuJet Surfer, which not only boasts a long battery life but also provides the opportunity to enjoy a fast ride.

The YuJet Surfer combines the agility of surf with the power of a jet ski but without the noise and maintenance. This electric surfboard is powered by a system similar to a jet ski, obviously without using gasoline or any other type of combustion. Besides, the construction in carbon fiber will guarantee a unique experience, maintaining robustness and resistance of excellence.

It takes just five minutes to learn but let you ride for about 40 minutes.
It takes just five minutes to learn but let you ride for about 40 minutes.
Credits: YuJet

There are several factors that make YuJet Surfer an excellent option for “fun on the water.” In terms of speeds, it can reach 24 mph (almost 40 km/h), which is impressive for this type of activity. Its battery will guarantee a range of 16 miles (25 km) or 40 minutes of use on a single charge. It is a rechargeable lithium battery and, of course, waterproof. The lightweight plate weighs just 20 lbs (9 kg), with the battery removed from its waterproof case.

In addition, a portable wireless remote control is used to control and direct the device. The YuJet electric board is suitable for all profiles of surfers. It takes just five minutes to learn. When it’s time to go home, the fins and battery can be easily removed from the body of the e-surfboard without the need for any tools, making the board easier to carry.

With an electric thruster, surfing is quite expensive. The new YuJet Surfer fully electric surfboard is now available for $9,999. It’s definitely not cheap, but at least according to the published short video, riding it looks very fun.

The electric propulsion with surfing can reach a wider audience (who can afford it) because it makes it possible to surf practice anywhere – no need to go to the edge of the ocean to enjoy the effect of the waves.