Monday, December 4, 2023

Jeep’s all-terrain e-bike is already on pre-order for $5,899

Presented on February 2, the 2020 Jeep e-bike that was featured in a commercial shown during the Super Bowl break, may soon be ours. Of course, as long as we can afford it. The company has already started taking pre-orders for its all-terrain two-wheeler for $5,899.

We are looking at a bicycle with a luxurious construction, and with tires that will not disappoint you on any kind of terrain. Developed by QuietKat, the 750W engine on the e-Bike offers good power. Powered by an 804 Wh battery, it is capable of delivering an amazing 160 Nm of torque. For comparison, some thermal motorcycles fail to reach such figures. The powerful integrated but removable battery should allow it to travel nearly 64 km (40 miles) despite its 35 kg.

The 4.8” fat tires can tackle the most extreme terrain.
The 4.8” fat tires can tackle the most extreme terrain.

The Jeep e-Bike is equipped with 26-inch rims wrapped in 4.8-in CST Roly Poly fat tires, something to ride on snow, sand, or tackle the most extreme terrains. The e-Bike has a 10-speed transmission to cope with the steepest trails. To absorb shocks, the Fire-Link suspension strengthens traction while promoting comfort. It, therefore, consists of a RockShox rear suspension with 120 mm of travel, an inverted front fork with 150 mm of travel, and four links.

To brake the vehicle, Jeep fitted it with Tektro Dorado 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes and 203 mm discs. Jeep has yet to release detailed e-Bike specifications, and it remains to be seen what will be its top speed and all. With the pre-sale started, the Jeep website dedicated to the new electric bicycle should be updated soon with more information about it.

Developed in partnership with QuietKat, this extraordinary mountain bike should be available in June 2020 in two sizes (M and L) for a price of around $5,899.

Electric bicycles are becoming more popular, and even Xiaomi has entered this market. The Chinese company introduced the QiCycle, its “folding” electric bicycle. At the beginning of February 2020, Specialized presented an electric bike named Turbo Levo SL, considered one of the lightest and most efficient in the world.