Monday, June 17, 2024

Japan’s gigantic, 60-foot Gundam Robot takes its first tentative steps

As we informed you earlier this year, engineers from the Japanese company Gundam Factory Yokohama are working hard on a gigantic, 60-foot humanoid robot modeled after those in the “Gundam” sci-fi franchise. A video showing the robot taking its first tentative steps has now appeared on YouTube.

The footage appears to be sped up, so it’s not clear how much time this action actually took. In any case, the huge Gundam robot in question is still not completely finished – among other things, it lacks a head. Upon completion of the engineers’ work, the 25-ton structure is expected to have the ability to walk, have 24 degrees of freedom and hands with fully articulated fingers.

The robot is being developed at the Gundam Factory, located on the Yamashita pier in the port city located south of the Japanese capital.

It was originally scheduled to be introduced to the public in October 2020, but it had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gundam Factory Yokohama states on its website that for the same reason, it had to cancel a special demonstration event that was scheduled for this month.