Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Iubi: A robot to improve health and quality of life

Kids need more physical activity to keep themselves happy and healthy. Even elders have to choose active life to manage their health. But sometimes due to any inevitable condition they cannot make it. More specifically the children undergoing any chronic disease found themselves alone in this world.

To help such kids and even other elders in the family technology enthusiasts and passionate wellbeings have developed ‘Iubi’. This is a toy designed to help patients, parents and health professionals in chronic disease treatments.

According to a study, “Around 235 million kids suffer from chronic diseases today in the world. Whereas, 55 percent of patients drop or don’t follow the treatment properly.”

So, to improve this situation, “Iubi is developed, based on important Ph.D. researches and studies involving patients treatment, patient-centric, health routines, human behaviors, and biological factors unified creating a powerful and unique source of science.”

Iubi works differently for kids, parents, and doctors. For kids, it is their best mate and helps them learn and enable to stick to their healthy routine. It put itself as a challenge to them. Whereas, for parents, it is their sentinel to inform them of their child’s routine. It keeps children at ease to follow the routine in a fun and recreational way.

Ultimately is the best tool to get more precise information about patients. It will help doctors revolutionize the way to treat chronic diseases.

Iubi designed with an algorithm which learns from the interaction and teaches to adhere kids to their healthy routine. It evolves with respect to a training, more the training Iubi gets more it evolves. It understands every activity of a child and generates small challenges every day to learn more about children’s habits. It may relate to their food, medicine, social interaction, exercise or other activities. Children from age 3 to 11 years are its ideal trainers.

Every time when kids open the App or interact with Iubi IoT experience new things with the additional evolved robot. Iubi understands three languages like English, Portuguese and Spanish. Creators have been focussing their efforts on 6 to 13 years old children.

As they said, “Every experience counts.” The humans have difficulties adhering a particular routine however for kids it is easy. Developers have focussed on point of behavior development, exercise and fun, hygiene, food and hydration, health and medication, social interaction and energy of users.

Healthy kids also can be a friend of Iubi, though Iubi is particularly designed for kids under treatment of chronic diseases.

Iubi Technical Specifications
Iubi Technical Specifications

Iubi houses sensors to get the heart rate, oximetry (the amount of oxygen in the body) and body temperature. Similarly, each LED-equipped on Iubi defines a different task on the routine or a need for treatment. For instance, red is to take medicine, blue is to do the hygiene, green is time to eat, etc.

Iubi has the key feature to interact with the child the AR (augmented reality). Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are what together powering the experience.

Iubi is designed to gamify the routine of kids to improve their health faster. It is the perfect solution for parents as well the doctors to keep kids adhere to their routine. It is empowered by science and customized user experience.